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Michaela Brown


The opportunities NTU has provided for me; to go to Canada for an exchange year and to be in the Netherlands for a placement year. It's been great.

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Work Placement - Novel Separation Techniques, RIKILT Netherlands

"I applied for a placement because I decided it was time for me to gain some more knowledge in a specific area of Forensic Science- Analytical Chemistry. I see myself leaning towards this aspect of it, so thought I would spend a year giving it a go. It also means I'll now graduate with my Bsc degree and a year of work experience - so really, it was a no-brainer."

"NTU has been sending students over to RIKILT for a couple of years which made the process of applying quite easy and straightforward."

"In my placement role my focus is on novel separation techniques which involves me using high technology instruments to test samples and detect certain compounds. I also do a lot of laboratory work with the preparation of my samples. This placement has enabled me to do all of this work independently, making me comfortable in a work environment whilst expanding my knowledge."

"My supervisor is always around to guide me and help me out with any uncertainties I have. I also get financial support and get a trainee salary from RIKILT."

"I have a visiting tutor from NTU who will make a total of 3 visits to check up on my progress. I also get financial support and get an Erasmus Grant from NTU."

"Gaining confidence in my knowledge has been quite tough. I used to be very afraid of making mistakes or asking too many questions. But as my confidence has improved I've realised I'm here to learn and I'm not expected to know everything. I'm still working on improving my confidence in the work place."

"I can now say I have experience working on novel separation instrumentation such as microLCMS and two dimensional LCMS. Both of which are fairly new in the world of analytical chemistry but are also becoming more commonly used. Most areas of analytical chemistry focus a lot on these concepts of sample analysis."

"The amount of knowledge I have obtained from just a few months is incredible. It looks good to future employers when you have this work experience, regardless of whether you look to continue that line of work."

Believe in the knowledge you have and don't be afraid to make mistakes. After all, it's all a learning experience.

"The opportunities NTU has provided for me - to go to Canada for an exchange year and to be in the Netherlands for a placement year - it's been great! I'm very pleased with my choice of University!"

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