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Okoye Odinakachukwu


I chose NTU because it is ranked as one of the best schools in Science and Technology.

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Okoye Odinakachukwu is from Nigeria and came to NTU to study Biotechnology because of the School's high ranking in this subject area.

How did you hear about NTU?
"I chose NTU because it is ranked as one of the best schools in Science and Technology. The Clifton campus has very well-equipped laboratories and libraries where students can read and carry out experiments.

What made you choose to come to the UK?
"I chose to study in the UK because I wanted to experience what Science is all about in terms of practical experience because this is something that is lacking in my country's education system.

If you could meet one famous person in the UK who would it be?
"Richard Dawkins, previous professor from the University of Oxford (1995- 2008), because of his input into evolutionary biology and his concept of the phenotype.

What do you think is the best thing about Nottingham?
"The people, because they are very warm, kind and welcoming.

How did you meet people when you first arrived?
"A friend introduced me to some of her friends and during the course induction for the School we all went out to eat with my programme coordinator (Dr David Hughes) and the lady in charge of international students in the School (Stephanie Mudd). I found it really interesting learning all about different cultures."

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