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This course has the openness to explore your ideas and to ask the questions you want.

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"My course has helped me to improve my research skills, which have so far helped me with my formal report, but will hopefully help me write research papers in future. This is important to me as I am hoping to continue into a Master's degree in Antimatter and hopefully work in Advanced Energy.

"We learn key transferable skills which will really help us with employability, such as presenting our findings and the ability to program.

"On campus we have access to any lab equipment we require for our first year experiments, such as CT scanners. You can also take out telescopes once you have been trained in them.

"I am currently in my first year, and my greatest achievement to date has definitely been the derivation of E = MC^2 and the understanding of the concepts behind it!

"The tutors really support us with one on one sessions and an open door policy which means that if we do have questions (which we will), they are usually answered very quickly!

"So far I am enjoying the whole experience. It is really fun and rewarding. I would say that the atmosphere is the main thing that this university offers. All good physics courses have similar aspects, but this course has the openness to explore your ideas and to ask the questions you want".

Pascal also works part-time as an NTU student Ambassador

"I applied to become a student ambassador because I wanted to help prospective students in their decisions and so far I have found it a rewarding experience!

"The day-to-day job includes talking with students, answering their questions, providing tours and being friendly! I enjoy it because it gives me the ability to help portray the university in the light it deserves and to inspire people to join this great course.

"It's a great feeling seeing a child's inspired look of shock and awe at some of our demonstration materials, particularly the Nature's Raincoat stand.

"If you enjoy your course and are friendly, punctual and open to conversation, then being a student ambassador is definitely for you."


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