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Phil Ainsworth


United Kingdom
I've made some good contacts in high places which should help me in my future career.

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Phil spent his year-long work placement at EADs, Germany

"I wanted to take an international work placement because I am hoping it will help my CV to stand out and improve my career prospects when I graduate. I also thought it would be a great cultural experience for me.

"The science employability team helped me find the placement. Although there are loads of placements advertised on the NOW student portal, I found they were mostly in the UK.

"It was especially nice to take some time out of student life and exams and do some 'real work' for a company. I loved working for EADS and I loved Munich – although it was crazily expensive!

"Although I didn't need any additional support from my UK tutors during my placement, I felt confident that it would have been available if I had needed it – from NTU, from my placement company and from the German University.

"The placement helped me achieve an additional qualification - the Diploma in Professional Practice. For this qualification I had to write a 7,000 word placement diary, a 23,000 word placement report and give a 15 minute presentation for course staff upon my return.

"I have benefited from this experience in lots of ways. Having the opportunity to demonstrate my skills outside of an educational sphere has given me more confidence as a person and in my scientific/software skills. Plus, I've made some good contacts in high places which should help me in my future career."

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