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A valuable experience for me was being a mentor for other students.

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I visited NTU on an open day before applying. Getting to see the environment that you will study in is of the utmost importance. You have to know that you'll be comfortable at your chosen university.

The real strength of this course is that it takes you from the smallest components of a computer processor and adds more layers to build a greater understanding of how a Computer System works from all aspects. We also have access to isolated labs (not connected to the University's network) where we can create and configure networks.

I was delighted to get to grips with programming on this course as I hadn't done any before coming to NTU. Programming is a vital skill for anyone in IT as it takes you from just being a user of a system to being the creator of a system. Careers that need programming aspects are now available to me in the future as my course has given me valuable experience in many different programming languages.

My greatest achievement as an NTU student is achieving a first in both my first and second years. The tutors have given us all great support, they're very approachable and do listen to what you have to say.

A valuable experience for me was being a mentor for other students. I had the opportunity to support first year students in their C++ labs and also run a drop-in centre where first years could come in to get advice and assistance on course material or their life at NTU in general.

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