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Samia Imran


Course studied: MRes Medical and Materials Imaging

We now offer: MRes Medical Imaging

United Kingdom
Actually, I was keen to switch from pure physics to medical physics and I was lucky to find this perfect course

More about Samia

Samia is 28 years old and is a mother of a 6 year old girl. She completed her bachelor's degree 7 years ago before joining Nottingham Trent University on the MRes Medical and Materials Imaging course.

It was Samia's dream to study abroad to improve her researching skills and gain more practical experience. When the UK government started the loan scheme for Masters students, this gave Samia the opportunity to fulfill her dream. Samia's background was in physics but she was interested in human anatomy, biology, radiations and imaging. "Actually, I was keen to switch from pure physics to medical physics and I was lucky to find this perfect course."

What did you like about your course?

I was interested in doing more practical work than course work and the 120 credit project was the main attraction for me. I learnt how to better manage my time, become research independent, being committed and learning how to cope with stress and really enjoyed learning again. Through this enjoyment I passed my course with commendation!

How did you cope managing your commitments as a mother and studying?

Being a mom, it was very challenging to maintain balance between daily life and study. The workload is more intense than in undergraduate study and time management is essential. I had to put my hobbies on hold while I was studying and utilised every spare moment for either family or study.

Recommendations for applicants?

It's a very professional course to boost your researching skills for the future. The detailed and novel project provides educational and improved investigation skills to solve complex problems in research. It enables students to develop practical and theoretical skills, gives you the ability to analyse data via appropriate numerical and IT skills, and equip students for the pursuit of independent study. Also all the facilities are great and very handy.

What was your experience like studying in Nottingham?

I was lucky to join NTU because the support given to me by teachers was tremendous. Without the educational and emotional support, it would not have been possible for me to complete this course. They have understood my circumstances every time and have always helped sort any problems which affected my study. I am really grateful for having this support at NTU and making each day feel like I was home away from home.

Any advice you wish you were given before starting your Masters?

I would say, be in contact with your teachers as they are the best source of help especially your supervisor and course leader. Don't be afraid or shy, discuss every problem with them, they will definitely help you out. Also, manage your time well between the research project and course labs/lectures.

Still need help?

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