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Stephen Elliott


United Kingdom
I would recommend studying physics at NTU, due to the friendly and approachable staff

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Stephen did his BSc Computational Physics at NTU before progressing onto his PhD Materials Physics.

PhD research project: Experimental Studies of Liquid Marbles and Superhydrophobic Surfaces

“Employed as a Senior Technician in the Physics and Mathematics department at NTU, my day to day role involves managing the teaching labs including equipment maintenance, diagnostics and repair, stock control, procurement, user training and lab preparation to a daily timetable. This role extends to the support of five specialised and varied research areas, namely medical and materials imaging, soft matter physics, observational astronomy and cosmology, sensors and acoustics and optics and displays.

“Some of the highlights of my career include; successfully completing BSc and PhD programs as a mature student with a young family and jointly co-ordinating water flow chamber and MRI magnet installations including acquisition, transport, site/building alterations, modification/refurbishment, installation and commissioning.

“As a result of my course, I have gained experience in the use of a wider range of software and several programming languages as well as image processing, microscopy, photolithography and data analysis techniques.

“I was fortunate to have been offered the chance to do my PhD on very favourable terms, under the supervision of one of the leading UK groups in the field. The supervisory team were very supportive, knowledgeable and accessible. Access to literature was excellent as were the lab facilities.

“I would recommend studying physics at NTU, due to the friendly and approachable staff (open door policy), access to research equipment and modern facilities, the pleasant campus, technological levels, quality of teaching – knowledgeable staff, good lecture/lab work balance.”

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