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Umamaheshwaran Panneer Selvam

Panneer Selvam


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Umamaheshwaran Panneer Selvam - MRes Cell Biology
Uma won Alumnus of the Year Award 2017 for saving more than 500 lives in the Chennai Flooding!

"After graduating from NTU I returned to my home country, India, where I worked as a research assistant and then as a Lecturer and am currently conducting my PhD in Finland.

"At NTU I got the chance to do fantastic research and had an opportunity to mingle with wonderful research minds. I also had the opportunity to work as a Student Ambassador where I was able to interact with many aspiring students and parents during the open events.

"The support and learning atmosphere that NTU provided me whilst I was there helped me attain a research focused degree and in turn enable me to get my first job straight away.

"My degree focussed purely on mainstream research. My project looked at light on subtler aspects of molecular biology and placental cancer. This has enabled me to find my current job which is primarily concerned with the cell signalling pathways elucidation and therapeutical approach for cancer.

"I would recommend students with an interest in Biological sciences to take up the MRes degree as it will open a wide range of research ideologies which will help them in shaping up for a research career after their degree. It will also ensure that they acquire a good deal of knowledge if they are opting for a career in industrial sector as well.

"Next step? I am gearing up myself to finish my PhD with flying colours and hoping for a fine career in a reputed organisation where I can perform cutting-edge research."

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