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The advice I received from the careers department while applying for the placement opportunity was invaluable.

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Tell us about your first impressions of NTU

I moved to Nottingham from India in 2013 to study MSc Computer Games Systems and it was a really wonderful experience. It was completely different to studying in India. There we follow a more theoretical approach to our studies, however here most of the work you do is practical, which I think is better. You tend to learn more when you learn practically, rather than reproducing existing theories on an exam paper.

When I started I was nervous about meeting people and getting involved but that quickly changed. The Welcome Week was packed with activities and stuff to do. You'll find loads of things to do every day. You'll be socialising with so many people that you'll lose count by the end of the day! Also there are societies for every hobby and interest you might have. I got involved with the Astrophysics Society because I am a huge fan and this allowed me to meet different people. I also played for the NTU cricket team and joined the Hindu Society.

What did you enjoy most about your course at NTU?

I think a more practical approach to course content helped me a lot. That aspect can be quite lacking in course material sometimes and a lot of it can be just theoretical. But having to do practical sessions, coding assignments and a lot of interaction with your course leader to understand your progress on the module was quite nice. It also allows a student to discover a lot of things on their own, which in my opinion, is the best way to learn and retain concepts.

Tell us about your current job

I work as a Solutions Architect - Software Developer for Holovis Ltd in Lutterworth, Leicestershire.
Holovis conduct business in and around the virtual reality experiences space and also in the simulations and experiences for theme parks space. My work primarily revolves around new and upcoming technology being used to create interactive user experiences for entertainment and virtual training purposes.

How did NTU help you secure your graduate role?

I found my placement through NTU's future hub, and I'm working for the same company now. The advice I received from the careers department while applying for the placement opportunity was invaluable. It ranged from CV writing to interview preparation, amongst other things, I felt it gave me a much better chance to secure the role. It helped me prepare better for the application process and in turn, it made me more assured of myself.

What advice would you give to prospective students of NTU?

Get involved! NTU has so many different things a student can do in their free time! A lot of students tend to join courses and then that's their only focus. Don't get me wrong, it should be the primary focus, but it's very important to diversify. Keep some time for yourself, learn a language, play a sport, enrol into different societies. Experiment! You're not going to have time to do most of those things once you've become a working professional. Plus, you never know when these extra-curricular activities become relevant and useful again!

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