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Every placement and experience academically has enabled me to thrive in the work place and use my abilities to my full potential.

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Graduated: 2018

How has your career progressed since graduation?
"My career has progressed rapidly since graduation. With the skills and knowledge I gained whilst at NTU it’s enabled me to get a job in health promotion even before I graduated!"

How did you find getting your first job?
"It was fairly straight forward. I looked for jobs in health promotion around my home town and applied for them mentioning my experiences and successes in health promotion whilst at university i.e. modules and placements."

Did the support offered at NTU help you?
"Yes it did. It allowed me to present myself professionally and articulate well whilst applying for jobs."

What have been the biggest challenges you've faced since graduating?
"The biggest challenge has been adjusting from university life into full time work. However, I have embraced and enjoyed this transition."

If you are working, what does your current role involve? Describe a typical day at work.
"A typical day at work would be liaising with a variety of departments. Looking through different health and well-being policies and planning and implementing different health and well-being campaigns."

What have been the highlights of your career so far?
"The highlight of my career so far has been being involved in a large staff health and well-being initiative and being at the heart of its planning and implementation. Every placement and experience academically has enabled me to thrive in the work place and use my abilities to my full potential."

Why did you choose to study BA (Hons) Health and Social Care at NTU and what did you enjoy most about it?
"I chose Health and Social care at NTU as I thoroughly enjoyed it at GCSE and A level. I like to wide variety of topics it offers. The course itself is extremely diverse and very interesting. I enjoyed the health promotion module the most as that is what I did my placement in second year on and it made me realise that it was something I was really passionate about and it was what I wanted to do as a career."

How have your studies contributed to your career / current successes?
"I would say my studies have contributed to my career as it allowed me to experience how a health promotion campaign is planned and implemented and this has really helped me in my current job role as I know exactly how to plan and the types of materials and knowledge that needs to be included for a health promotion campaign to be successful."

Do you have any advice to share with new graduates or other alumni?
"The only advice I would give is make the most of every academic and professional opportunity that comes your way."

If there is anything else you would like to tell us about your course, your experiences or if you have any advice for students considering coming to NTU, then please share your thoughts with us here
"NTU was a great university for both academic and social life. It’s very diverse and I had a brilliant three years there."

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