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Name: Anna Wippich
Age: 21
Course of Study: Psychology with Criminology, Final Year

Why did you chose Nottingham Trent University?
“I chose to study at NTU because it is a modern university which offers a lot of interesting academic programmes and also scores very highly on student satisfaction. Furthermore, Nottingham as a city was very appealing to me since it is central location and medium size.”

Were you aware of NTU Music when you applied, and if so how did it affect your decision to study at NTU?

“Music was actually one of my criteria regarding my university choice. When I saw that NTU had a choir and a chamber choir and was offering a music scholarship, I thought that this might be something for me.

What do you enjoy the most about NTU Music?

“I enjoy going to the choir, where I can take a break from all the studying and related stress. I also very much enjoyed the various concerts in the Royal Concert Hall where the choir sang alongside the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Broadway star Kerry Ellis. It was a great experience to work together with such renowned musicians.”

Since engaging with NTU Music what has been your highlight?

“My highlights have always been the various choir concerts and chamber choir tours.”

How did you enjoy the Chamber Choir Tour to Prague, what was the highlight?

“I really enjoyed the Chamber Choir Tour to Prague since it was a more independent tour where I could go sightseeing with some people and explore the beautiful city. I also enjoyed singing in the St. Nicholas church with the chamber choir since the church itself was so beautifully made with all the splendid adornments and chandeliers and instantly gave the choir a unique sound and made this experience unforgettable.”

Do you receive tuition at NTU, and if so how are you enjoying them?

“After my successful audition in my first year of university, I received a music scholarship which allowed me to take singing lessons with Gillian. I really enjoy my singing lessons since she is a really good singer herself and can therefore help me to understand the interaction of my voice and body and to improve my sound.”

What does music mean to you as an international student?

“Through my musical experiences in Germany, I was used to a high musical standard with lots of rehearsals and focus on perfection. Music has always been a big part of my life and I am really happy that I can pursue it in this form here at NTU.”


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