Ariel Baptiste



Trinidad and Tobago
Nottingham is an amazing city. It's so modern and vibrant and has the biggest international community I've ever seen.

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Where do you come from and why did you choose to study at NTU?

"I come from quite an international background; I'm originally from Trinidad and Tobago but I then moved to Barbados to study for my undergraduate degree in Psychology. After that I was living and volunteering in Chile for the United Nations and when I decided to look at postgraduate degrees I knew that I wanted to keep studying internationally.

"When I researched child psychology courses at universities across the world, none of the courses I saw compared to the one at NTU. The environment is perfect and the course is really specific to the areas of child psychology I'm interested in. It was a perfect match.

What is the best part about your course?

"I absolutely love how diverse my course is, there are around 25 students in my class from seven different nationalities. It means that everything we study can be discussed on many different cultural levels which is really going to help prepare me for an international career.

"The modules are really varied but really relevant. My favourites so far have been clinical aspects of behavioural disorders and social and cognitive development. The course leaders are so enthusiastic and knowledgeable and their door is always open to students for any assistance you might need.

What is life like living in Nottingham?

"Nottingham is an amazing city. It's so modern and vibrant and has the biggest international community I've ever seen. It's really become a home from home to me – there's even a Caribbean grocery store close to my house which is great.

"There are so many parks and an amazing forest right on your doorstep. You get the best of living in a modern city mixed with beautiful English countryside. Plus you have a castle right in the middle of the city which is amazing! I love to just go for a walk and see what I discover, it's different every time.

"Another big factor that I love is how safe I feel here. I've come from living in a small town to living in a big inner-city but I've honestly never felt in danger here. There is a real sense of community and everyone is looking out for one another.

What advice would you give to new international students?

"Obviously moving to a new country is scary but you really won't be disappointed. My advice would be to get involved with things like the Welcome Week and join Societies if you want to meet new people straight away. I would also say to try and communicate with the international officer for your course before you arrive. They are there to help with anything you might need – from visas and application issues to travel and settling in.

"You won't feel like you are taking a risk if you choose to study here at NTU. I feel like the investment I've made here - in terms of finance, time and commitment - will pay me back for a lifetime."

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