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I found Nottingham a very friendly place, perfect for international students.

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"Before I came to NTU, I read online about the academic courses and was able to get in contact with the international officer William Burns. After several emails I was convinced I wanted to come to NTU and he was very helpful in answering my questions.

"I have an undergraduate degree, as well as having worked for twenty years. For me, postgraduate study was more about expanding my knowledge and ways of practice in the field of health and being able to do practical thinking and working. It was about being able to take what has been written and researched and think through how these are effective or non-effective in our communities, locally and globally. The key feature that attracted me to the course was the focus on community development from all aspects of health, not specifically from a medical perspective.

"Once I arrived I was nervous, mainly as I was much older than the rest of the class. I was not sure if I had it in me to work on an academic level. However, my encounter with Linda Gibson (MA Public Health course leader) was another refreshing step. She gave me the confidence I needed from day one and made the modules very interesting.

"I found Nottingham a very friendly place, perfect for international students. The area is nice and NTU has so many support services that make it easy for students to start in a new place, even if language is a barrier. I recommend NTU highly!

"I really liked how everything at NTU is easy to access. The library was my top facility. I found it very useful, especially as an international student. It was great to have it available 24 hours a day and the staff there are friendly and helpful. The staff at the student centre in the Newton building were always ready to guide me or answer my questions. I found the staff very welcoming and comforting.

"The course has given me the knowledge to take back and work in different areas of government, not necessarily the medical model sector. I believe that when I am ready to return to work, my job opportunities will be in different sectors of the government, for example, in areas such as the planning and commissioning.

"I really want to move towards policy and practice areas, where I can influence positive change in the public health and well-being. I really am interested in international work, trying to put my knowledge and skills into helping less developed countries or refugees towards attaining holistic health and well-being."

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