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As I have been able to do a placement year during my course I feel that I have more of an insight into how my course applies to the real world.

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Charlotte was one of the first to undertake a placement year on the BSc (Hons) Psychology course.

"I chose to come to NTU because the course stood out at it was British Psychological Society accredited. I also knew people who had previously been to NTU and told me what a good university it was. I also have family that live within the Nottingham area so it meant I could be away from home but still near to family if I needed them.

"The course appealed to me as it started off with the basics of psychology and worked towards more complex theories. I had done a psychology A-level but had been told by my A-level teachers that studying at a degree level was a lot different. Therefore starting at the basics and working up appealed to me the most.

"During the past two years I have found social and developmental psychology the most interesting. I enjoy looking at the development of children and this aspect of the course especially interested me when we looked at attachment. The lecturers who taught me these modules where enthusiastic about the module which made them even more interesting to attend.

"I felt very welcomed when I first came to NTU. I took part in welcome week signed up for lots of societies and went out almost every night. The University reps were good as they included everyone and tried to get everyone out and socialising together."

"I have been working as a teaching assistant at Staining Church of England Primary School.

"As I have been able to do a placement year during my course I feel that I have more of an insight into how my course applies to the real world. This year has also enabled me to see the direction I wish my career to go in and the path in which I can take to get there.

"When I enquired about my placement year no one on my course had done it before. I got a lot of help from the careers department writing my CV and cover letter and sent this out to all the schools in the area and managed to secure myself a placement.

"My job involves aiding in the learning of primary school children across all years. I change children's books, manage behaviour and help teach topics by aiding the classroom teacher. I also have done interventions this year. This involves taking individual children out of the classroom to develop their learning further in areas in which they are struggling. I have also performed tests on children with suspected learning disabilities e.g. dyslexia tests to give to the head who passes them on if needed to the relevant professionals who require them.

"From this experience I have learnt that I definitely want to work with children in some form after university. I have become interested in children's language development and reading and writing which has links to a module available in my third year. This year has been the best decision I have made during my years of study. It has shown me that I have an ability to work in a team and with children. It has enabled me to develop many skills such as problem solving, behaviour management. It has also greatly improved my confidence levels in new situations. I can now easily address a whole hall full of children with ease.

"During this placement year I have been required to complete a log. This involved me noting down what had occurred that week, if I'd had any problems and how what I had been doing had linked to psychology. It was beneficial for me as I could reflect on what had happened during that week and what I had learnt and could take from it.

"I feel that I have grown in confidence since arriving at NTU. I have made new friends and have become more confident in meeting other people. My style of writing and revision has changed throughout my time at NTU and it is becoming more academic and clearer."


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