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I chose the MSc option as I wanted to learn more skills rather than focus predominantly on a research project.

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What made you decide to undertake postgraduate study at NTU?
"The course was suggested to me by my undergraduate supervisor. Having enjoyed my undergraduate experience, knowing that the course is highly regarded and the alumni discount, I choose NTU for my postgrad studies."

What route did you take into your postgraduate study?
"I chose the MSc option as I wanted to learn more skills rather than focus predominantly on a research project. I had to maintain two jobs while studying to fund my living."

What did you know about NTU before you came here?
"I didn’t know much about the university before undergraduate, only that it was quite high in the league tables for a new University."

What were the key features that attracted you to your course?
"I love the environment at NTU – everyone is very friendly, and there is a general positive vibe around campus. The majority of the lectures I had during my undergrad were great.

"A major feature that attracted me was the alumni discount – I wouldn’t have been able to do the course without this."

When choosing a course for postgraduate study, what did you consider it important to have?
"A broad range of skills were taught."

Is there anything that stood out on your course that wasn’t offered anywhere else you applied?
"The range of research methods taught, a few other university I had looked at had a primary focus, like vision psychology, whereas this course was very open and wide-ranging."

If you are working as well as studying, what does your job entail and how do you juggle both?
"I am a bartender at a local restaurant and Motorpoint Arena. Both involve a lot of late nights, but I’ve been able to manage them by planning work around them and also telling my employers when I won’t be able to work as many hours due to deadlines."

What has been your greatest achievement as an NTU postgraduate student so far?
"Finally getting my head around stats. During undergraduate I completely stuck my head in the sand when it came to stats, getting the lowest grades of my degree. I realised I needed to catch up if I was going to do well in this masters, so I stopped fighting it and worked hard. I now feel completely up to date, and I work at the same level as my peers – which I never thought I would do."

What are your plans for the future?
"Firstly, to become a research assistant. After that I plan on working toward a PhD."

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