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de Motte

United Kingdom
If you're interested in a career path working with offenders, then the MSc Forensic Psychology course is fabulous.

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"During my time at Nottingham Trent University I have obtained a Degree in BSc (Hons) Psychology and an accredited postgraduate Master's degree in Forensic Psychology. I have also been employed by the University as a Research Assistant and worked on a number of projects involving offenders and the Criminal Justice System.

"During this time I was approached by my line manager regarding the Vice Chancellor Bursary scheme that was advertised by the University. I didn't really know much about it at first, but was encouraged to apply for the funding to carry out a PhD. Following months of drafting and researching into my chosen area, I finally submitted my proposal and won the competition for the bursary to conduct my research on Older Prisoners Quality of Life in HMPS.

"The staff on the MSc were incredibly supportive and maintained regular contact with everyone on the course. Even once we had completed the course they still offered advice on finding employment and sent over any details of job advertisements they had seen. Dr Belinda Winder was particularly helpful in offering interview advice, making suggestions on the types of questions that may be asked and how to answer them. This advice helped me properly prepared for the interview, as well as giving me the confidence to walk into the interview room with my head held high. I also received a lot of support from the Criminology department in my PhD application. Endless emails and proofreading really helped me develop what would be my successful application.

"My studies at NTU have influenced my life 100%. I still refer back to the work that I completed in my Masters and sometimes even my undergraduate work. Without the Masters, there is no way that I would be where I am now; not just for the opportunities that it provided me with, but for the work experience and professional development too.

"If you're interested in a career path working with offenders, then the MSc Forensic Psychology course is fabulous. It is hard work, and will take a lot of commitment and time. But, the long-term results are worth it."

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