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Colandra Davis


United States of America
I enjoy how safe the city is and the multiculturalism here."

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"My name is Colandra and I come from Georgia, USA. Before I came to Nottingham Trent University I had just graduated from my undergraduate studies in America and I was coaching basketball and lacrosse in Pennsylvania at a summer camp.

"I found out about NTU through TeamGLEAS, an agent that is based in the USA and matches students looking for both postgraduate and sporting opportunities in the UK. I did my research on the MA International Relations course through the University website and it seemed like the right course for me.

"The education system here is slightly different from my home country and I find I have more time for my studies. Back home my schedule, especially around basketball, is like clockwork and everything is strictly set out. It means I am enjoying the freedom here and I have more time for my studies. I enjoy the classes with debates and I enjoy the mix of nationalities and opinions. I definitely think this experience will help me in my future career.

"I live in one of the main University accommodation buildings, and I like that it is so close to campus and my classes. So far my neighbour Ashley is one of the most interesting people I met here, we share the same Christian values and she introduced me to the local church that I now go to.

"Nottingham is a vibrant city and reminds me of Atlanta in Georgia. I thought the UK was going to be lots of grass and cows and not a large, diverse city like it actually is! I enjoy how safe the city is and the multiculturalism here. People are very friendly as well, some of the first friends I made here were two scholars that helped me with directions to basketball training!

"Once I complete my studies I would like to stay at NTU and live in the UK. One of my goals is to further my basketball career and work for the Basketball Foundation here in England.

"If I could give any advice, I would tell all potential international students to be outgoing, even if its alarming, you will meet great people anywhere."

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