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Studying at NTU has been an amazing experience for me, the staff are so supportive, and the services are great, I would advise that you utilise all the services possible as they are all so helpful.

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What made you decide to undertake postgraduate study at NTU?
"After completing an Undergraduate degree at NTU, I knew I wanted to do a master’s degree, but I didn’t know where. My undergraduate experience at NTU was amazing and I knew that NTU has great teaching staff and great facilities, after reading the information on their postgraduate degrees I was won over and decided that this was the place I wanted to continue my study."

What route did you take into your postgraduate study?
"I started with my Undergraduate degree and progressed from there."

What did you hear / know about NTU before you came here?"As I live in Nottinghamshire, I was aware of NTU, but I hadn’t looked into the University, I was just aware of it and hadn’t heard much about it. I didn’t know of anyone who had any experience at NTU, so I had to read about the University before I decided to attend here. From reading people’s opinions of the University online, I knew it was a good university with great experiences and great staff."

What were the key features that attracted you to your course?
"Mainly that my course was BPS Accredited, so it was a great step in the right direction for me. The course staff, I knew, were also great so I was looking forward to working with them on the course. The modules seemed so interesting and after reading the course information, my course ticked all of my boxes and I knew it was the course for me."

Is there anything that stood out on your course that wasn’t offered anywhere else you applied?
"It was mainly that I knew some of the staff teaching on the course and I already had such a good rapport with the staff already at NTU, so this was what pushed me towards staying at NTU. Also, there were opportunities for field research working alongside the staff on research, therefore this was an added bonus for me, which pushed my desire for NTU."

How have you found the Library / Student Support / Students’ Union?
"The library is great, you can find anything you need in there and everything is so easily accessible. The student support at NTU is great, I have used their facilities and found the staff very supportive and the service very helpful."

Do you use NOW? If Yes, in what way and how do you find it useful?
"NOW is the best, all the course information and materials you can possibly need all in one space! I use NOW at least once a day to access lectures and the recordings of lectures, for the module handbooks and any course material you need. The NTU app is especially useful to take attendance via the QR code and to check on your upcoming deadlines on the dropbox and for easy access to your timetable."

What has been your greatest achievement as an NTU postgraduate student so far?
"I would say that being the Course Representative is a very rewarding experience for me, as I got the chance to improve the course for the upcoming cohorts and got to use my voice to provide all the opinions of the current students in order to make their NTU students more enjoyable or to improve their education. I feel like I really got the chance to make a different and staff really took on our thoughts and ideas, it was great to help the course staff and the students by being the voice of the students."

Have your career plans changed as a result of your postgraduate study? If Yes, how?
"The course has helped me see that there are so many job opportunities and different routes to getting a job in this area. Before taking the course, my ideas of jobs were limited as I didn’t know the vast majority of jobs in this area and the course has helped me see that my options aren’t limited and there are so many more jobs for me to choose from."

What are your plans for the future?
"I want to get some more experience in the field and hopefully be able to become a Trainee Forensic Psychologist in a Prison. However, I am not in a rush to get straight into this job as I know there are lots of interesting jobs in the field for me to get more experience before applying for this position."

If there is anything else you would like to tell us about your course, your experiences, or if you have any advice for students considering coming to NTU?
"Studying at NTU has been an amazing experience for me, the staff are so supportive, and the services are great, I would advise that you utilise all the services possible as they are all so helpful. The student services are there to support you, no matter how small you feel the issue is, they are there to chat to whenever you need them. The staff are also great at supporting you, so don’t feel scared to talk to them, they are people too."

"Make use of the library and University resources as it’s the only chance you’ll get to make use of them. Also, get involved in things, NTU has a great amount of opportunities to get involved in, make friends and enjoy your NTU experience. Lastly, your Course Representative is there to here your opinions, make use of them to improve your course for the next cohort, ideas and opinions are always welcome."

"Welcome to NTU and enjoy this amazing experience. 😊"

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