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Daniel Pikett


United Kingdom
I feel that personal touch and individualised approach to how we are taught and supported echoes throughout the department and is truly reflected in our work.

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"I came to Trent because they listened to my personal story and the challenges that I was currently experiencing. They took that all on board and worked out how best to fit me in, to an already functioning second year. I’ve always had a keen interest in learning about young people, for I have been working with them for four years when I started at NTU. I was looking for a university that wasn’t afraid to work with me to overcome my challenges in order for me to succeed. They didn’t prove me wrong. They worked with me, my transitions and my education and was able to sign post me and work with me to achieve a first class honours degree, and win a prize for Most Enterprising Achievements."

"They are a student-focused department that fully believes in them; and raises aspirations of their pupils they are able to get the best pieces of work as a result. Social Science means ‘the scientific study of human society and social relationships’ and what a better way to put that into practice as a teaching team by nurturing their pupils holistically to work hard, believe in themselves and the course itself."

"By creating a social sciences department that champions diversity, equality and out of the box thinking, pupils are able to learn the scientific study of human society and social relationships, to further become proud ambassadors of the course, department and the school. I feel that personal touch and individualised approach to how we are taught and supported echoes throughout the department and is truly reflected in our work, the way my personal tutor supported me through some of my most confusing and dark times was extraordinary. I was treated like a human at all times, not a product of quantitative outcomes like some universities."

"I actually felt like more than a number and felt like me at all times. I actually love the teaching team, we were more of a professional family. These relationships were so important to me, we spent 80% of our time here. There open door policy wasn’t to be sniffed at, a box of sweets, a nurturing hand and the odd positive touch really was comforting. More so these people were in a humanistic department, they have a killer sense of humour and were themselves in our shoes- yes, they can take a joke and even throw one right back at you. Because of this I was able to achieve some of the highest attendance grades I had ever had, while achieving the best degree qualification."

"There is so much history, culture and opportunities in Nottingham that makes for a perfect student adventure. Let’s face it, the quality of food and drink restaurants are second to none, the shopping experience is desirable, and the people are alright too My Ducky (I told you, born and breed) - we have something quite beautiful here in Nottingham."

"The course gives you the chance to explore your learning journey and style. You get to choose what modules you’d like to study, which essentially helps you to tailor your experience. I was able to explore my passion for sexual health promotion, health and well-being and youth work, of which all play a key part when supporting young people. But for my own professional development, reflection, has played a huge key to how I mange myself and my studies. I am still working on that mind you… but, the course allows us to grow as practitioners, explore who we are and how best to fit the learning into our lives."

"I used the mental health services, employability services and academic support services. NTU is a one stop shop for supporting its students. The best thing is the doors of the teaching team are no different. I was able to be open and honest with most, if not all, my teachers which made day to day life desirable and possible. Life isn’t straight forward, and that’s ok! On my journey I was diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger’s, while that was officially diagnosed after my dissertation, I was still accessing the support I needed because I was able to talk to my tutors and personal tutor."

"I was already working with young people, but this has enhanced me as a practitioner. I am moving into the MA Career Development course offered here at NTU, to further enhance my learning."

"Be open and honest, leave the ego at the door and trust your teaching team. They are mentors, as well as tutors, so listen intently to what they have to say, offer or suggest in terms of learning. No question is a wrong question, communicate at every opportunity for you’ll be grateful you spoke up, asked for help or just said “Hi” to your tutor."

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