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Eloise Jones


United Kingdom
The course offers so many different modules, which has allowed me to explore different areas of Public Health to help me find what I’m most interested in pursuing for a career.

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What made you decide to undertake postgraduate study at NTU?
"As I did my undergraduate degree here, NTU seemed the best choice for me. I knew the Uni and the city well and felt settled and comfortable. The university offers great scholarships and discount, like the Alumni discount which I was able to take advantage of to reduce the costs of studying."

What route did you take into your postgraduate study?
"I completed my undergrad degree here at NTU in BA (Hons) Childhood Studies. In my third year we did a module called ‘Health and Wellbeing’ which opened me up to the area of Public Health and the importance it has in children’s lives."

What did you hear / know about NTU before you came here?
"I heard great things about NTU and Nottingham. I’d heard that NTU had a great record of employability for students, something which was very important to me. I’d heard that Nottingham was very student friendly, with so much to do – you never get bored!"

What were the key features that attracted you to your course?
"The course offers so many different modules, which has allowed me to explore different areas of Public Health to help me find what I’m most interested in pursuing for a career. As contact hours only happen on Wednesday and Thursday in first term, and Thursdays in second term, there is a lot of time for me to work part-time to support myself whilst I study."

When choosing a course for postgraduate study, what did you consider it important to have? 
"I really wanted a course that allowed me to gain some practical experience. MA Public Health offered a 30-credit optional module in Professional Practice, allowing me to undertake a three-month placement. I wanted a course that would let me focus on my area of interest – the health and wellbeing of children, young people and families. This course allows you to do this, and staff really encourage it. In many of the assignments we could pick a policy, health issue, that related to what we were interested in. This allowed me to develop my knowledge in this area and is something I can take with me into my career."

Is there anything that stood out on your course that wasn’t offered anywhere else you applied?
"As an Masters, the course focuses much more on the social and theoretical side of the health, the side I’m most interested in. Additionally, the module that focused on urban planning and design was so interesting and offers a different way of looking at Public Health through how towns and cities are designed. I have taken what I’ve learnt from this module and applied it to assignments in other modules.

"NTU also offers Summer Schools for students, with one focusing on International Humanitarian Law. This is based in Geneva and includes trips to the UN, WHO and the Red Cross. By going on this trip I feel I am not only increasing my employability prospects, but also increasing my personal development and own learning. I feel that this trip was quite unique to MA Public Health."

What were the key facilities that attracted you to the University?
"When you study at Trent you have access to the facilities on all three campuses. For me this was great as I can get bored staying in one place, so being able to visit Clifton Campus Library for a change of scene really helps me to stay productive. Also, having access to the libraries and computers 24/7 is really useful for those nights when you’re feeling extra productive."

How have you found the Library / Student Support / Students’ Union?
"The library gives everyone £20 printer credit at the start of the year, which was extremely useful, especially with all the articles we were given to read!

"There is always something happening in the SU, and there are so many societies to join. I’m a member of the Cocktail Society which gives me discounts at places in the city and has loads of different socials I can go to."

Do you use NOW? If Yes, in what way and how do you find it useful?
"NOW is extremely useful for looking back at lecture slides, accessing the resource lists and seeing extra content the lecturers upload. The resource lists are so easy to access and have links to the books and articles online, as well as where they are in the library."

What has been your greatest achievement as an NTU postgraduate student so far?
"I was able to go and speak to current students on my undergraduate course about being a postgraduate student and studying something like Public Health. When I had finished talking I was able to answer their questions and, hopefully, encourage them to undertake a Masters if they were thinking about it. Because of this, I was approached by a member of the Employability Team who asked me to apply to be a ‘Alumni Fellow’. Although normally given to those who have graduated and are now working full-time, I was offered the voluntary position which will let me help other undergraduate students in their studies and with their employability."

Have your career plans changed as a result of your postgraduate study? If Yes, how?
"Yes. Before starting this course, I only knew I wanted to work with children and families, I now have a clearer idea of how I can do this in the field of Public Health. My main goals are to work in reducing inequalities and engaging communities in their health."

How have you found the postgraduate community in Nottingham? Is it what you expected?
"The postgrad community is so varied. You have people like me who have come straight from undergrad, and those who have come back to study after working. We all bring something individual to the community, having all come from different backgrounds."

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