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I have been lucky enough to choreograph the Drama Society's musical was brilliant to have that creative outlet while studying.

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"I attended about eight university open days before picking my final UCAS options. In comparison to the other Universities I visited, NTU presented itself in a fun way. I loved the fact that NTU put a lot of emphasis on how great the societies and extracurricular activities were, not just how important your course and degree is. It made me realise I would come away from the University having been involved in additional extracurricular activities and gained life skills, all whilst having fun and obtaining a degree. NTU really presented itself as the full package for a university experience.

"The open day was very influential to my decision to study here because it helped me really get a feel for the University, for example sitting in the lecture theatres and meeting the staff and imagining yourself at the University.

"I had visited family in Nottingham many times before finally moving here so I already knew and loved the city. The best thing about Nottingham is it seems to have something for everyone; it is fantastic for shopping and theatre, but also for nightlife and good food.

"I was drawn to study Psychology because it was, and is still, the most interesting subject in my personal opinion. Psychology is the study of human behaviour therefore the element I most enjoy is seeing how psychological theories are related and applied to the real world.

"In my first and second year I found the cognitive and biological lectures the most interesting, despite being by far the most challenging. I also enjoyed my first year tutorials because we would have discussions about previous research and it opened up my mind to the abundance of literature available. However, now I have finished my third year, the modules I studied - Criminological Psychology and Biological Perspectives of Mental Health - are the most interesting of all the modules I have studied. The final year research project was also very interesting as it was the first real independent project we had in Psychology. The freedom to choose whatever topic you wanted and to conduct your own research was brilliant.

"I think going to university changes anyone because you have to grow up very fast. Suddenly I was in charge everything that was once taken care of by my parents, such as washing my clothes, cooking and getting up for university on time. But despite how scary and daunting this first seemed it was the best thing; I learnt so much in my first term at university in terms of life skills that will stand me in good stead in the future.

"Whilst at NTU I have been involved in lots of extracurricular activities alongside my degree. Last year I joined the NTU Volunteering Team on a trip to Little John's House in Sibiu, Romania. For one week I, along with 14 others, ran a Summer School for children with special needs from local families and the nearby hospital and orphanage. For many of these children this was the only holiday they had all year and was often the only time that their parents and / or carers got a break from their role. It was such a rewarding and remarkable experience and I am so grateful to NTU for the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful trip. I made memories and friends that will last a lifetime.

"I have been a member of the NTSU Drama Society since I was a fresher, performing in the Society's yearly musicals (Fame, The Wedding Singer and Grease). Last year I was the General Secretary for the Committee, which meant I helped organise events and fundraisers, whilst also being part of the show. Both this year and last year I have been lucky enough to choreograph the Drama Society's musical productions, which was fantastic! I have been a dancer since I was three, so it was brilliant to have that creative outlet whilst studying.

"Also last year with NTU Music, I was part of a show at the Royal Concert Hall with Kerry Ellis, in which I danced in a troupe specifically put together for the show. This year I have joined the NTU Music Choir and at the beginning of the year, following an audition, was offered a music scholarship for singing lessons. This led to me singing a solo at the end of the NTU Christmas Concert and performing again at the Royal Concert Hall, which again was a fantastic opportunity."

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