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Fikun Ojelabi


My sisters and I were all awarded international scholarships. My parents were overwhelmed and so proud of our achievements.

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"I'm in my first year at NTU studying BA (Hons) International Relations. I was a student at Bridge House College in Lagos where I met a member of staff from NTU who told me more about the University and the courses. My older sister, Fehintioluwa, also studies here and she raved about how great it was. Now my little sister is here too and my parents love that we're all together. We really look out for each other; my little sister and I continue to learn from Fehintioluwa and we're all really close.

"We were all awarded NTU international scholarships; Fike and I won the £6,000 undergraduate scholarship. My parents were overwhelmed and so proud of our achievements. We recently attended the International Scholarship Evening and met the University Vice Chancellor, Professor Edward Peck, who presented us with our official certificates.

"One of my favourite things about this University is that the library is open 24 hours a day. I study more effectively in the evenings so this works really well for me. What I also love is that studying at NTU gives you the opportunity to discover who you want to be. I've really got involved in the infamous local music scene, performing at open mic nights and building up a small collection of saxophones. I'm influenced by my Nigerian roots, especially Fela Kuti. I recently had the opportunity to perform my own rendition of Bang Bang by Fela at the Notts Fusion African Ball which was hosted by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) dancers. I won the best act of the night!

"When I am not playing music or studying, I hang out with friends and go to events and activities that are organised through the Nigerian student forum. I also go to church. My father's a pastor and finding a church where we are able to practice our faith and join the community was a priority for all of us.

"Coming to NTU has changed my life for the better and I'm loving this experience. I would highly recommend NTU to other students."

Fikun Ojelabi is one of our NTU Brand Ambassadors for Africa.

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