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Employability and career discussions have been at the centre of the teaching and learning experience.

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"I chose to study at NTU for two reasons. Firstly, because I wished to remain in Nottingham in order to undertake my undergraduate degree. Secondly, because NTU offered courses which were highly complementary to my academic interests, which were also of a high standard.

"I have particularly enjoyed those models that have focused upon theoretical concepts and different paradigms within counselling interventions, as well as the philosophical, political and ethical debates, which exist within contemporary health and social care discourse.

"Throughout my time on the Health and Social Care degree, employability and career discussions have been at the centre of the teaching and learning experience. The Succeed with Social Sciences events provide a great opportunity to meet and network with potential employers, while the practice background of the teaching staff provides an invaluable insight into what it will actually be like to work within the health and social care sector. Particularly in this, the third year of my course, there has been a big focus on employability, and the amount of resources available to students surrounding this issue are especially useful. I certainly feel that I have a real awareness of the sorts of roles I will be able to go into once I have completed my studies at NTU.

"I have found the library to be an excellent place in which to study, read and meet with my peers in order to undertake group work. The changes that have been made to the library, in particular the ability to renew book loans an indefinite amount of times, have been particularly helpful for my studies.

"In my time at NTU, I feel that my ability to construct an argument, convey my interpretations in a clear, cogent manner, and critically analyse information, have all been the areas in which I have noticed the most academic growth. However, this growth is not isolated to my academic capacities. The same developments I have listed above have had implications for me as an individual as well: they have helped me challenge my preconceptions around certain subjects, made me value the insight of others to a greater extent, and helped me improve my interpersonal communication skills."

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