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The fantastic teaching team and atmosphere in the Sociology Department are what persuaded me that NTU was the University for me.

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"I was attracted to Nottingham Trent University because I had heard great reviews about the institution from past students as well as online. However, the close proximity to where I live and the fantastic teaching team and atmosphere in the School of Social Sciences Sociology Department are what persuaded me that NTU was the University for me.

"I really liked the structure of the modules in the first year that allowed virtually every area of social life to be considered, including classical philosophy. This structure has allowed me to embrace specific topics of interest for my second year such as religion, gender and health which I can write about in my assignments.

"I have recently been given the position of student representative for the year. I have enjoyed the extra level of responsibility as it has allowed me to build up my confidence and presentation skills and has increased the rapport with my tutors.

"What I enjoyed most in my first year was having the opportunity to carry out a questionnaire on a topic of my interest (disability) and then analyse it using a high tech piece of software called SPSS. In my second year, it's been really interesting applying classical theories created nearly 200 years ago to modern day social life. Recently, an interest in French Impressionist Art has occurred as a result of my module on Classical Sociological Theory!

"There are great facilities available at NTU which have been of benefit to me, particularly the 24 hour access to computers on the top floor of the library! I also love the Newton building as it has a very bright and modern feel. In addition to this, the student support services at NTU have been very helpful and supportive. I use the note takers as part of service and they always construct notes to a very high standard in terms of presentation and accuracy. I have also made use of the dyslexia support, which has been very valuable in my development.

“I have lived in Nottingham all my life and find it a fantastic multi-cultural and positive place to be and due to having very well lit areas in the city centre, I feel safe walking around at night. Indeed, when I started at NTU I found the transition from further to higher education quite stressful, however, within a few weeks I felt very secure and welcomed.

"I have been able to get involved in a lot of activities while at NTU, which has been great. For example, I was a member of the Astronomy and Physics society for the first year of my course and was able to take part in a trip to Northern Norway. Apart from being freezing cold in minus Celsius temperatures, I saw the beautiful city of Tromso and the aurora borealis (northern lights) which is something I have always longed to experience. It was very moving.

“After attaining my degree from NTU, I want to either continue with further study, or become a support worker at a further educational college working with students with learning and physical disabilities. I certainly feel that my time at NTU has helped to prepare me for this."

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