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With the help of great teaching, resources and support from those close to me on my course, I went on to achieve a first in Year One.

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"I chose to study at NTU because I wanted to remain local to the city. The great Psychology department and the amazing research undertaken within the School of Social Sciences at NTU is undeniable and its reputation preceded it. As a result I was eager to get involved and be taught by those who are active within their disciplines.

"I already had a good feeling about NTU, but attending an open day definitely solidified my wanting to study here. Just having the chance to talk to current students, as well as having a guided tour around the city campus, allowed me to get a real feel for the lifestyle and environment that NTU could offer.

"On the level of personal interest, the music scholarships and university choir increased my wanting to study here, as well as the option to study a language outside of my course on an additional programme. I joined the Spanish language programme in my first year.

"I think the student support team is fantastic here. You know if you ever have a query or concern there will always be a person or department that can offer you assistance. The library is also great, especially now it has been renovated. It offers a really dynamic and productive environment, whether you want to work with friends or alone, you’ll find a space to best suit you.

"With regards to being prepared for the world of work, both the course and the wider university equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed. In my second year I feel that the course has enabled me to feel confident with regards to psychological research – from implementation through to completion. Furthermore, in this increasingly competitive graduate market, NTU offers you the means to continuously improve your CV, so you’re not only great academically but also with regards to work experience and volunteering.

"As I started my undergraduate degree a little older than most (21… so still not that old!) my main concern was to do well academically and to immerse myself in as many activities and experiences as possible. I have become stronger within myself and more confident in my abilities. With the help of great teaching, resources and support from those close to me on my course, I went on to achieve a first in my first year and obtained the SAGE Essential Psychology Award for Outstanding Achievement, which was given to me by the Dean of the School.

"On a personal level I have felt confident enough to apply for demanding yet fulfilling volunteering opportunities which will hopefully provide me with an idea of what I would like to do in the future. Further to this, from being a British Psychological Society (BPS) rep in my first year I felt determined enough to apply for the Chair Elect position for the BPS Student Committee which is comprised of students from all over the country. I began the post this year and it will continue until my graduation in 2016."

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