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Jodie Woodward


United Kingdom
The course has helped me prepare for my career so far I now believe I have a formidable platform upon which I can move on to pursue a medical career.

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"Throughout my education, I have particularly enjoyed the academic challenge of Health and Social Care; my profound enthusiasm and yearn to improve the lives of others naturally drawing me to the subject from a young age. Exploring the contemporary political and socio-economic factors that shape the delivery of health-care outcomes at degree level has enabled me to appreciate the depth of knowledge that is required to assist service-users. I chose to study NTU based on the reputation that they have on student satisfaction, this has since exceeded all of my expectations, they care deeply about their students both as a student on the course and personally, in particular during the Covid-19 pandemic."

"The course has helped me prepare for my career so far I now believe I have a formidable platform upon which I can move on to pursue a medical career. I want to pursue a career that is dynamic and person-centred in a strong health-based background, which can be applied whilst interacting with service-users in a clinical surrounding on a daily basis."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed being a student at Nottingham Trent University. In addition to my education and work experience I have commanded various positions of responsibility. During my time at university, I have been elected as course representative for Health and Social Care for three consecutive years. My role as course representative has enabled me to liaise with senior academics and effectively disseminate feedback through course committee meetings. My role has enabled me to develop my leadership skills through taking responsibility of the queries of my cohort, a skill I believe I can continue to develop through a career in medicine."

"The support from the university has enabled me to build a network and working relationship with lecturers allowing me to gain opportunities that I never thought I could such as mentoring and representing my cohort in student representative meetings. These experiences have vastly improved my leadership skills, my ability to work effectively as part of a team as well as providing me with a deep sense of satisfaction when helping others to achieve their goals."

"I have found the change an eye-opening experience, it has given me the chance to reflect on where I want to be in the next five years. It has also allowed me to become flexible in my studies and extra-curricular. I believe that the course has transitioned well to online teaching, the lecturers are eager to help with any concerns or queries that their students have and are quick to reply to emails."

"I believe that I have been able to access the kinds of guidance and support better than I normally would as the lecturers make you feel at ease when talking to them and the leadership and communication skills that I have developed through my role as a mentor and course representative has given me the confidence to integrate myself into both my academic studies and extra-curricular. I believe that I can begin to effectively apply this to my medical school application and professional practice."

"I have had the opportunity to participate in a UK placement as a lecturing intern on the Health and Social Care course. This opportunity has enabled me to develop my views on ethical and moral issues. It has also enabled me develop my confidence as I have delivered lectures and co-delivered lecturers to 1st year students on the course. From participating in this internship, it has also enabled me to conduct effective evaluations of student’s work, this is a skill I believe I can link to creating risk assessments and care plans."

"I would recommend this course to a future student as I believe that the lecturers care about how you progress through the course through until you graduate. From being a student on the Health and Social Care course, I have become inspired to drive and create change within my community. It has given me the opportunity to find myself both personally and professionally, before the course I wasn’t necessarily shy but I would not have put myself forward for executive positions with as much confidence."

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