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“I wanted to come to Nottingham Trent University (NTU), as it wasn’t too far from home. I was impressed with the University’s reputation and the course and the open day sold the university to me. The staff and students were very friendly and all my questions were answered. I was treated as an individual and any questions that couldn’t be answered on the day were emailed to me. The sweeping front of the Arkwright building impressed me, as well as the enthusiasm of the students and staff at the open day who made me feel really welcome. The course content time is also more at NTU than other universities.

“I found the library really useful, as it is open 24 hours so I can go when I want which is really good. There are a lot of books that are relevant to my course and the library staff are really nice and will help you find the things that you need.

“As I am dyslexic I have found the student support excellent. They had all my details at the start of term and have always provided exceptional support to assist me. They assist me a lot, especially in study skills so that I can make the most of my time at university. The employability support is also really good in the School of Social Sciences. The employability service has provided excellent help to enable me to find an internship. The events they organise have built my networking skills and provided valuable information in my search for an internship. Their drop-in sessions are useful if you need someone to have a quick look at a letter or read through a CV. They are really easy to talk to and they have checked my applications for jobs and really know what’s going on out there.

“When I first came to NTU I felt really welcomed as there were fresher’s reps helping unpack the cars and everyone was trying to be really helpful. I have grown in many different ways since I started at NTU. I am now able to work very independently and I can write an essay a lot quicker. I have developed techniques for studying, worked out how the library works and developed questioning skills. Personally I have also grown. I speak in class and I will even do a presentation if necessary. I have grown in confidence in my ability to do my academic work but also in the social aspects of university life as well, I joined the concert band in my first year. I have found performing really rewarding and have made many friends. I’ve enjoyed the bi-yearly concerts and playing has helped me relax. I’ve also been Acting President of Fez, the student society for disabled students. I’ve met many people through this role and it has been very satisfying to be able to help other students to be more involved in university life. I‘ve also managed and run the student-led project called Model UN. This involved visiting local schools with a group of volunteers to give talks and get students involved in politics.

“I enjoy living in Nottingham - the city centre is really beautiful. Its a really good place to meet people and there are a lot of coffee shops and places to shop. There are also great shows and concerts on which is amazing.”

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