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The professors and lecturers here are brilliant. They are approachable, friendly and very helpful.

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"I decided to undertake postgraduate study at NTU because I had heard good things about NTU’s media and social science courses. Also Nottingham is a nice place – especially for international students - because it is not a very expensive place to live.

"I attended Nottingham Trent International College first and then joined the MA International Relations course right after I finished my undergraduate degree back in my country.

"The main reason I chose International Relations is because it opens up my career options. It relates to politics, the media, the economy, sustainability, health, etc. I thought I could gain a lot of knowledge about the world we are living in; how it is operating, the problems it is facing and how those problems are being tackled.

"The professors and lecturers here are brilliant. They are approachable, friendly and very helpful. They welcome us to discuss any academic problems, give us some suggestions and also make us comfortable around them. Most of the classes are really interesting and fun.

"This course helps me to think critically about everything; it shows me perspectives that I did not even know existed. It is really good to study International Relations theories because it not only helps me to mature my academic knowledge, but also helps me to mature as a person. It feels really good to know theories, apply them to what is currently happening in the world and be able to evaluate and give my own opinions on events.

"In the future, I would like to work for International organisations or National Government Organisations."

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