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The Sociology course allows you to interact with peers through discussions and activities, rather than focusing solely on theories from books.

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"NTU seemed the right choice for me because, with it being situated right in the heart of Nottingham, everything seemed easily accessible. Walking through campus during an open day, the upbeat atmosphere given off from other students had made me feel like it was a community that I strongly wanted to be a part of. This was primarily something that gave me confidence in thinking that I would have a positive university experience here – and I was right, it has.

"What attracted me most was how NTU offered a form of active learning. The Sociology course allows you to interact with peers in workshops so you can build upon skills together and gain more insight through discussions and activities, rather than focusing solely on theories from books. Also, it offered us the opportunity to take part in projects outside of the University alongside our peers, giving us a better understanding of the functions of a society that we would be studying.

"The Thinking Sociologically module has trained my sociological skills as it has taught me to look beyond a single sociological occurrence and consider other influences that may have caused it to happen. I think this is something required to gain true sociological imagination and a skill that can now help me produce better ideas within my work.

"The Sociology in the Real World module gave me an amazing opportunity to work with the organisation POW (Prostitute Outreach Workers) that I found a truly eye-opening experience. The project allowed me to talk with the CEO of POW who discussed the functions of the organisation and the steps they take in order to keep the women they work with safe. This experience exercised my sociological mode of thinking greatly; it was something that could only be truly understood by engaging with real people, rather than just reading it from a book.

"My time at NTU has helped me become independent and confident which is something I really needed to do in order to prepare myself for the working world. It's also helped me grow up in a way where I am gaining better understanding of myself such as finding things that I'm truly interested in and this gives me a better idea of where I want to be heading after I graduate."

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