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The modules sounded very interesting to me, and it offered someone like me who doesn’t have a previous psychology degree accreditation to still be able to pursue an education and career in the field.

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"I choose to undertake postgraduate study because I’d always been passionate about the subject but didn’t have the qualifications to change my career to this field, I took a risk and applied for the MSc Forensic Mental Health course and it paid off.

"I have an undergraduate degree in Acting, which didn’t qualify me for the course, however I did a lot of training in mental health with one of my previous employers and also used my own initiative to bring mental health awareness to the forefront in the workplace which showed a passion and knowledge for the subject.

"The modules sounded very interesting to me, and it offered someone like me who doesn’t have a previous psychology degree accreditation to still be able to pursue an education and career in the field.

"Because my undergraduate degree was in such a different subject, I was struggling to find a course that would let me in, as a lot of courses require BPS accreditation from a prior degree which I don’t have. This course had all the main components of what I wanted to study, but was very understanding of my individual circumstances and had the ability to give me a chance.

"I used NOW for everything really – submitting work, finding literature and research, looking back on lecture materials. It’s really handy as it has everything you need in one space rather than having 100 different notepads and books.

"I worked for an agency while I studied which gave me the flexibility to pick and choose when I worked. This was really useful as during busy times, such as deadlines and dissertation writing, I could say to the agency that I was unavailable to work that week and then had plenty of time to do my uni work. This flexibility ensured that university was always a priority to me and I didn’t have to worry about work commitments getting in the way. I’d definitely recommend agency work to any student. My current job involves working in mental health secure units as a health care assistant, taking care of patients day to day.

"This course has qualified me to pursue a career path I’m really interested in that I wouldn’t have been able to pursue before. I have recently been offered a position as a Probation Services Officer, which is something I’m really excited about and interested in pursuing. This course has given me the knowledge and experience to qualify me for this career.

"I have just submitted my final research project. I have never in my life done a written dissertation as my previous degree was performance based so this was all new for me, so I’m very proud of myself for achieving this at masters level.

"My career plans for the future are to continue a career in probation services, working my way up to a fully fledged probation officer and then seeing what opportunities arise from there.

"My advice? If you’re wanting a career change but don’t think you have the right prior qualifications – just go for it anyway! Your passion for a subject speaks volumes over previous academic achievements and if you love the subject and are dedicated, you can do it - I have!"

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