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Liam Cahill


I particularly enjoy the freedom we are given when devising studies for our research reports… and also how the course modules complement one another despite being so different.

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"As an EU student, I was unable to attend an Open Day for every Uni I was interested in applying for. Instead I researched the ones I really liked and ended up applying for two Psychology courses at NTU, one with and one without a placement year. When I came for the Open Day I was overwhelmed by how modern and open all the buildings were, and this created a really engaging environment."

"I think the teaching staff are the main highlight of the School, particularly the Psychology teaching staff. Each staff member teaches their speciality, meaning it becomes clear just how interested they are in the topics they are teaching, which, of course, helps with student engagement. This is one of the main reasons why NTU’s Psychology course stands out, due to the wide range of optional modules we can choose to focus on in our third year; meaning no matter your interests, you will be catered for."

"Nottingham is a really beautiful city. To clarify the issue everyone is thinking: no, it’s not dangerous, it’s probably safer than most other cities in the UK. To clarify the second issue: yes, it is cheap for a night out. Even if you don’t like going out, there’s still so much to do. Market Square has regular events throughout the year, such as the Christmas Market, or the beach which appears during the Summer time. The only negative is the hills – if you don’t like walking uphill, I'd recommend a more level city."

"I study Psychology (Mental Health), meaning that I specialise the content of my degree to focus on mental health issues, as this is my area of focus and interest. This has influenced the selection of my final year modules, in which I study Psychopathology and Psychology of Trauma. As my degree is a Sandwich degree, I completed a year-long work placement within the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Eating Disorder Team, which provided me with the opportunity to shadow clinical psychologists and gain much needed clinical experience. This has allowed me to stand out from the crowd and evidence myself as going beyond what I had learned on my course. My course was not as I expected, but in a good way. There’s a greater focus on learning and developing your knowledge yourself with the help of staff, as opposed to staff just telling you what you should learn, or what you need to learn. I have enjoyed most of the modules on my course thus far, but there’s obviously been some I haven’t enjoyed too much – but I feel that’s the same regardless, you can’t enjoy everything."

"Support is provided throughout your degree, through personal and academic tutorials. Additional support, in terms of writing essays, referencing etc... can be found all year-round through the library – ensuring you always have the support you may need."

"When you start Uni you probably have a single career goal in mind, which, by the end, has multiplied into 10 ideas. This happened with me, and throughout my course the idea of what I wanted to do constantly changed. I wanted to be a Counselling Psychologist, a Health Psychologist, a Lecturer / Researcher, even a mental health nurse! However, through my placement year I began to develop an interest in Clinical Psychology, more so than the fleeting thoughts I had previously. This is now my primarily career aspiration, and I hope to use my experiences to apply for Assistant Psychologist positions following completion of my degree."

"When thinking about which course, or which Uni you want to attend, stop thinking in terms of what job you wish to have at the end. I guarantee you, your idea will change a lot before you finish your degree. Instead, read the course content, look into what you’ll be studying and think if that’s right for you. In particular, try to imagine the skills and experiences that will allow you to develop – and imagine what you, yourself, will be like at the end of your course."

"It’s also important to remember that Uni is more than studying. If you want to do well, you have to go the extra mile and do activities outside of this, such as volunteering, becoming and academic representative, or just becoming active within the department. There really is so much you can do."

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