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Lorena Scarse de Oliveira

Scarse de Oliveira

United Kingdom
The best aspect about the School is the support and help that they provide you throughout the year.

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"It’s funny you ask because I’ve always asked myself this question, I guess looking back I wanted a University which was in the city centre, that was right in the heart of everything, and close to all the city’s entertainment. As soon as I arrived for the NTU open day I fell in love with the feel of being here, especially the course talk which was given, it answered all my questions. Not forgetting that NTU is part of the international student exchange programme which was a massive mediator in making me choose NTU."

"The best aspect about the School is the support and help that they provide you throughout the year. The staff are constantly emailing about opportunities within the sector, like job fairs, job announcements and co-operation with other companies to help us gain the experience we need. They also email about support opportunities and areas to apply which can help us with our lives away from home."

"Nottingham is an amazing City. I never get bored, there are an abundance of quirky bars everywhere, some even have hidden locations which makes it really interesting to explore and find them. The City centre is beautiful and there are so many stores and activities to do. The cinema is my favourite part of the City."

"My course is extremely interesting, most of the classes I attend are so intense I feel like I’m watching a documentary. I must confess though the criminology area is not what I expected, and I did not enjoy some of the aspects of the course while in second year, but now that I am in my third year, I understand why we had to learn some of the things they taught."

"The School of Social Sciences provides all types of support which we are reminded by through email, lecturers and online. The staff are also very friendly which makes it easier when talking to about problems."

"The School organises various employability events, some of which see graduated students come back and talk about how their career has progressed since leaving NTU. At one of these events, I managed to apply for one of the companies which were recruiting volunteers to help with children who come from broken homes and have a disability. The work has made me more aware of different life courses I can take for my future and has given me the ability and information to try places I never thought I would have applied for before."

"My advice would be to enjoy it as much as you can, joining societies is a key in making friends for life. Three years pass by quick and before you know it, life at University is over. Whatever happens while you're here, the staff at NTU will have advice and help with anything you need, don’t keep quiet."

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