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Marysia Popow


United Kingdom

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“I chose to study at Nottingham Trent University because I really liked the atmosphere of the university on the Open Day. I loved how close all of the buildings were and the mix of old and new architecture. It was also a very welcoming place to be and something about it just felt right.

“All the staff are really enthusiastic and passionate about Sociology which makes a big difference. On the Open Day the Sociology academics made the course seem so thought-provoking and relevant to everyday life. All of my modules have been inspiring and have broadened my mind, however, I have particularly enjoyed Social Structure and Social Life (in first year), Gender Violence and Society, Religion and Society and Sociology and Service Learning (in second year) and in third year Identities and Intimacies. In second year’s Sociology and Service Learning I worked with the Nottingham’s Women’s Centre on research into why fewer women are voting in the general election and taking part in politics. I really enjoyed this module as it helped me gain confidence talking to the general public but also it helped build my teamwork skills, which I know is a very important skill to have to gain future employment.

What attracted me to NTU most was the Newton building as it stood out to me more than any other university buildings I’d seen. I loved the modern architecture and design, and I love the jacket potatoes in the canteen, which I’ve somehow only recently in my third year discovered! My main university building being the Chaucer building, I spend a lot of time here and often use the facilities here more than any other building, as there are lots of work spaces and computers. Also there are two cafés, which are well priced and have great food. It has also been newly renovated so now it’s even more inviting to do work here or just chill here in-between lectures.

“The Student’s Union is massive and a great place to get a cheaper Costa or a cheap lunch. I’ve recently discovered that it’s a good place to get a bit of work done on the weekend if you feel like a different scene to the library. The Student Union doubles up as a nightclub, which is probably the best Student Union club I’ve visited. I know a few University of Nottingham students who are jealous of our Student Union because it’s much bigger (and better) than theirs. The library is really good too and has seen a fair amount of renovation since I joined in 2013 as it now has a roof top garden! You can also access e-books on the library webpage, which is incredibly helpful if you can’t get to the library because you’re at home or something.

“NTU has really helped me to gain in confidence and just generally grow as a person. I feel that I’ve changed a lot since sixth form and become a lot more independent because of my university experience. This was my first time living away from home but I adapted very quickly and living with friends is like having a sleepover every night, it’s a lot of fun. By third year whoever you’re living with sort of becomes your little family and a great support system. I like cooking for myself too and doing things in my own time, you have a lot of freedom, which is nice. I’ve actually become a lot cleaner since coming to university as I know that I have to clean up after myself, or no one else will! I love Nottingham because it’s got everything you need but it’s not too big.  Back home I live in a suburban area so you have to have a car to get anywhere whereas in Nottingham I’m within walking distance of everything, which is so handy. The nightlife is really good and there are an abundance of shops and restaurants - it’s perfect for a student. There’s even a kitty café where you can have tea surrounded by cute cats - what’s not to love?

“My advice for students considering coming to NTU would be to get good accommodation! Because I honestly believe where you live and whom you live with really affects your university experience. Living in student halls for first year is ideal then for second year, start looking at places as early as possible because the good ones get booked up quick!

“Once you start your course I cannot express how important it is that you ask your lecturers as many questions as possible. Ever since I got the confidence to email lecturers and go and see them about essays etc. my marks have definitely improved. University is definitely a step up from A-levels but so long as you speak to your lecturers they can really help you to reach your potential.”

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