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I think there was great power in taking the time to choose a course that suited my practical learning style and interests really well and challenged the aspects I struggled with in a doable but rigorous way. It’s been hard but enjoyable.

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"After my undergraduate, whilst I felt like we did a lot of work and got thrown a lot of content, I didn’t feel confident in what I knew or feel like I had many opportunities to put what I learnt in theory into practice. My third year was really hard on my confidence and self-belief. As a result, I didn’t know what I could offer a workplace and felt that I wanted to solidify my knowledge in a more supportive environment and less research-intensive course. I looked for a course that had its roots in the approaches to psychology that I prefer, in a big City and with a lot of variety and NTU seemed to fit this well. The course offered, provided the practical experience I wanted. I had considered NTU for my undergraduate and knew people here who had enjoyed their time there so I was already familiar with the city and Campus. I had always liked how modern and integrated within the city the University is.

"I knew the uni was in the City Centre and that Nottingham was a really popular city for students. I had heard that NTU was a uni that listened to student feedback and was well established within the field of social sciences.

"For me the course just made sense on both an academic and practical level. The modules seemed well planned out in that they all linked to each other in relevant ways. I liked that there was a good amount of choice in the research modules and the balance between the clinical work and research methods suited the areas I wanted to develop. I really appreciated the social psychological approach to issues of distress and the integration of the placement into the academic work.

"I was very focused on whether the course offered a placement and how this was integrated into the course. I also looked at the structure and how diverse but relevant the modules offered were. I found the diversity in assessment style to be important and just understanding what skills the course aimed to develop and how that aligned with what I wanted to get out of postgraduate study.

"The integrated clinical placement was by far the most impressive thing about the course as not only is this well organised but shows a real consideration for the important aspects of a learning experience and how to get the most out of a clinical placement. The reflective practice groups are definitely something I hadn’t come across but again, it seems to intuitive now I've experienced it.

"In all honesty I didn’t consider facilities as that important but I know I assumed a lot of benefits that the university does have such as 24 hour access to computers and the library, a thriving and helpful Students' Union, extensive and easy access student services and modern and purpose built rooms.

"There is a lot of support when you seek it and the services are in ideal locations, really easy to find.

"NOW is great for lots of things, I like how you can be very engaged in your own progress and learning through the student dashboard. It’s a very central hub which just makes a lot of things easier in terms of knowing when you need to be somewhere and where to find course information and even signing in to lectures etc.

"Without making it all about grades, I honestly feel like if I did a similar course elsewhere I wouldn’t be doing so well academically. Undergraduate was really hard for me and I often felt I couldn’t ask for help and didn’t always understand where I was going wrong. So my greatest achievement here has simply been being able to feel connected to the content and equipped to access a wide range of support within the staff team. Along with the intuitive module structure, and then being able to use that knowledge and support to achieve my highest grades academically. I think there was great power in taking the time to choose a course that suited my practical learning style and interests really well and challenged the aspects I struggled with in a doable but rigorous way. It’s been hard but enjoyable.

"My career plans haven’t changed majorly but I think the course has shown me how intense postgraduate study can be but also how much there is to learn beyond it. So I’m more keen to get into more diverse work placements before going into further study.

"My plans for the future are to get a range of assistant psychologist jobs in different areas of mental health and work towards getting onto a doctorate clinical psychology course to become a fully qualified clinician.

"I haven’t accessed many of the facilities and support available, but in general I think there is a strong understanding of the difficulties of postgraduate study. The staff and peers alike, are very supportive and encouraging.

"It’s not going to be easy to find a course you like, suits your needs at a Uni you like but I would say use the application process as a way to evaluate how much you really want to be there and if it makes sense for you. And even if it’s the ‘perfect’ course there’s always going to be things you struggle with but if you know why you’re there and see value in what you’re doing it can get you far."

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