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United Kingdom
The topic areas provided me with an opportunity to engage with the theory underpinning criminology.

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“Having lived in Nottingham for a number of years, I have worked within the university, in the past, having worked alongside criminology researchers for about 10 years and have given guest presentations for a similar period.

"Prior to starting at NTU, I served as a police officer in Nottinghamshire Police for 30 years, retiring in August 2017. All of my career was spent on the front-line, with most of it in the rank of sergeant. For the last 13 years, I headed up a task force dedicated to addressing the complex issues surrounding all aspects of prostitution in Nottingham. This involved on-street and off-street prostitution as well as supporting investigations into exploitation and human trafficking. During this period I have given evidence in parliamentary inquiries, visited Stockholm to share good practice and worked alongside colleagues and ministers across the country to develop strategies designed to protect the women and men engaging in prostitution as well as preventing vulnerable or young people being drawn into this world. This was a challenging and demanding arena to work in, but also incredibly rewarding when long-term projects saw meaningful and lasting changes for the better in people's lives. I have brought this experience and expertise into the university with me, using this as the basis for my MA dissertation.

"I was attracted to this course as it has a varied and broad curriculum that I felt I needed to take me from the workplace into academic study. The broad topic areas provided me with an opportunity to engage with the theory underpinning criminology as well as the module leader’s expertise in specific fields to understand contemporary issues. I plan to start a PhD and this masters course was the perfect primer for that.

"I only really looked at NTU as this is where I wanted to go; I was aware of its reputation and the course offered the stepping stone I needed for doctorate study. I was also familiar with the university and some of the staff in the criminology department.

“I use NOW regularly for accessing course materials and submitting assignments. It’s a simple interface with everything in one place. I also appreciate being able to use it from home, especially the library resources.

“I started this course with a clear career plan. This year has helped to reinforce that. I now plan on undertaking a PhD with a view to future occupation within the academic world, potentially as a lecturer / researcher. I’ve used my work experience for the basis for the proposal for a PhD.”

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