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“I chose NTU because the city looked amazing, and the opportunities the university offered were far more than other universities. They offer a wide range of volunteering, societies, events and have good networks with local organisations. I originally applied to the Social Work course, however, NTU took the time to look at my personal statement and decided Health and Social Care would be a better option. I realised that Health and Social Care was the course I wanted to be studying and I therefore felt that NTU were committed to providing the best possible future for me.

“Nottingham is a beautiful city and NTU is right in the centre, so it’s only a short walk away, which is really good for socialising and meeting new people. There are tram links, and everything is on campus that you need. I came to an open day at NTU and all the staff and students were friendly and happy to help if you were lost. The open day gave you plenty of opportunities to see the things NTU offer, from getting involved in the Students' Union, to volunteering and studying abroad.

“My course leads to a variety of job roles. If you are unsure on what career you want to go in to it is perfect, as I was originally unsure but knew I wanted to help people and promote good health in communities. Throughout the course you are able to choose certain modules, and by 2nd year I had more of an insight as to what sector I wanted to go into. The course offers a lot of chances to engage with other students, and with tsuch a mixed variety of students you gain an insight to others' viewpoints, and this helps develop your team work, and leadership skills. All the modules prepare you for your career, from presenting projects to creating digital stories so you can look back on your previous years at university and see how far you have come. All of these help build your confidence, and you can get involved in community projects and health promotion campaigns which can really make a difference to people’s lives.

“NTU provided me and other students with the opportunity to work with the council, and apply to be a care worker. This gave me hands-on work experience so I was learning the practical elements of care, as well as being able to engage with my learning. It also enabled me to put what I was learning into practice whilst getting paid, and gaining valuable experience. Getting involved with Nottingham Council is brilliant as they are a recognised organisation; further increasing your chances of employability after your course.

“What attracted me to NTU was how passionate they are about their students, and how friendly everyone is. They offer language courses and you can get a formal qualification after this. The library is open 24/7, and has many workshops throughout the year to help improve your academic writing or critical reading, and if you require a piece of literature that the library does not have, you can request this and they will get it for you. The staff are always willing to help, and offer support and reply to emails quickly to resolve issues.

“It is my first time living away from home, and without the university being as supportive and having lots of things for new students to be involved in, I would have felt very uncomfortable and alone. It is a massive step for a student to move away from home, however, you make amazing friends who will last your lifetime and develop excellent professional relationships with staff and build links with local organisations through the opportunities NTU offer.”

“I think the key thing to remember about university is that the experience and opportunities you involve yourself in are your choice, and you only ever get as much out of university as you are prepared to put in. If you make sure you get involved with as many work experience, volunteering and extra curriculum activities as you can then your time at university will be more valuable than someone who hasn’t done any of this and this will help you when it comes to working towards your career.“

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