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Owoyemi B

The course offers so many different modules, which has allowed me to explore different areas of Public Health to help me find what I’m most interested in pursuing for a career.

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What made you decide to undertake postgraduate study at NTU?
"I have always wanted to study a postgraduate degree in public health and NTU was offering the course. But NTU's reputation was more important to me, I have a sister who had studied at postgraduate level here and she was full of praise, especially in the area of student support. In addition, I also won the postgraduate master’s scholarship and I knew beyond doubt that NTU was my next home."

What route did you take into your postgraduate study?
"I applied online to the course during my final year of medical school and upon completion of my degree I enrolled into the postgraduate program."

What did you hear / know about NTU before you came here?
"I knew NTU had recently won the University of the Year and I was told about the 24-hour library facilities, Student Support Services (which were always ready to help) and opportunity to pay fees in instalments. This has really been helpful to me since I was going to self-finance the remainder of my fees."

What were the key features that attracted you to your course?
"The key attraction for me was the different approach to health. As a medical doctor, I am familiar with the biomedical aspects, which is what a traditional MPH degree offers, it is also increasingly been shown to be limited. Whereas this course was offering an opportunity to approach health through an alternative lens. One where I would gain knowledge and practical skills, which can help me work in partnership with communities to solve their health challenges. This for me was the clincher, as I can now become a doctor with a sociological insight."

When choosing a course for postgraduate study, what did you consider it important to have? 
"Scholarship opportunities are very important, especially at postgraduate level. You may have to take a leave from work to pursue your passion and whilst doing this your sources of income are reduced. Thus financial assistant in the form of a scholarships goes a long way in relieving some of the financial burden."

Is there anything that stood out on your course that wasn’t offered anywhere else you applied?
"Most of the other Universities I applied to were offering a MSc Public Health degree, which is not bad but was not what I was looking for. The MA Public Health degree at NTU has been eye-opening for me and has helped me developed a critically approach to solving problems."

What were the key facilities that attracted you to the University?
"The 24-hour library service for me was the most important. Along with the fact that the library services were available during the Christmas break, this really helped me in finishing my assignments that were due in the first week of January. The extended study spaces in the Chaucer Building are also a great place to do work in a less formal environment. The chairs are comfortable and there is almost always an available computer whenever I need one."

How have you found the Library / Student Support / Students’ Union?
"The library is great! I remember I needed a book for one of my assignments which was not in the library and I used the “Get my book” online library service. Within a week, the library had purchased the book and had it delivered to me. To be honest this shocked me in an amazing way. The Student Support Services are also good, I have benefited a lot from the Academic English support which has helped me with my written English, referencing, and essay structure.

"As the Academic Representative for my course, I also work with the Student's Union and I must confess, NTSU is proactive on matters concerning students. Welcome Week in September was fun and had activities for everyone. The Postgraduate Conference was commendable and offered me the opportunity to chat to other postgraduate students about their research, which helped shape my future research interests."

Do you use NOW? If Yes, in what way and how do you find it useful?
"NOW has been very useful to my studies. The Learning Rooms provide 24-hour, on the go access to the course content, it's even accessible outside of the UK! The ability to be able to submit assessment online via Dropbox has saved me a lot of physical stress of having to come to campus to make my submissions."

If you are working as well as studying, what does your job entail and how do you juggle both?
"I currently work as a part-time support worker with individuals with mental health problems. It's a challenging role, but at the same time, very informative. I get to witness an array of presentations of mental health conditions and thus gain better knowledge. I would say I’m coping well with both University and work. Partly because as a student on Tier 4 Visa I am restricted to 20-hours a week of work, which I tend to do on the weekends and devote my weekdays to my coursework."

What has been your greatest achievement as an NTU postgraduate student so far?
"I would say being elected as the Academic Rep for my course. This has offered me the opportunity to gain valuable leadership experience as well as working in partnership with both the Student's Union and senior members of the School of Social Sciences to make positive changes on my course."

Have your career plans changed as a result of your postgraduate study? If Yes, how?
"Not really, but what I would say that it has changed my approach to the study of public health. Now I appreciate why some public health interventions, which are devoid of community participation fail and more importantly the role of the social determinants of health in population health. These two factors would significantly influence the way I practice clinical medicine and public health interventions that I may be involved in the future."

What are your plans for the future?
"My plans are to undertake a residency program in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Then go onto work with local and international health institutions involved in healthcare capacity building of developing nations as well as developing interventions that seek to address maternal and child health problems particularly in Africa."

Is there is anything else you would like to tell us about your course?
"NTU is a great place to be and has matched my expectations. The MA Public Health course is fantastic for anyone who wishes to develop critical skills necessary to function in today’s ever changing global health landscape. Here, rather than been taught in a didactic fashion, we are challenged to draw on our individual experiences and shape our thoughts into ideas that can address contemporary global health issues."

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