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My advice would be to jump into the University life both feet first, you aren't on your own and you never will be.

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"The Sociology course offered at NTU sold it for me. It offered all of the topics which interested me, for example, exploring Sociology within the ‘real world' and allowing me to explore and learn about the importance of sociology as a discipline.

"As cliché as it sounds I remember walking into NTU on the open day and I falling in love. I just felt comfortable straight away and at home. The student ambassadors were so friendly and they shared a clear passion for the subject and could not have recommended it more. The teaching staff also made me feel so at home and their desire to teach was something I admired; you can tell it is more than just a job for them.

"We have a module called Sociology and Service Learning which explores how sociology affects our everyday life. It teaches us how to work and engage with people from all walks of life and, as it holds a compulsory volunteering aspect, it allows us to put what we have learnt into action. The online workspace, NOW, is easy to follow and clearly set out. It's useful as I can access lecture slides before the lecture and all of my assessments and reading lists are readily available.

"I enjoy how there is always something going on in Nottingham and because I live in a student area, there is always the chance to socialise and go out. I felt at home as soon as the academic year began and Welcome Week was so useful, as it set us up ready for the academic year. I feel that now I am more independent as I have gone from living with my parents to being a university student who is the head tenant of a house. It has allowed me to grow in the sense that I now take more responsibility for my actions and my problems.

"My advice would be to jump into the university life both feet first; you aren't on your own and you never will be. The passion and care from all of the NTU staff is unquestionable – your interests will always come first. As for being a fresher and going in halls alone, you need to remember you are all in the same position so don't stay in your room, go and make friends! The friends you meet at university will be some of the best and longest friendships you will have."

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