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I have had tremendous support from all my tutors in the MA Public Health programme and even from other tutors within the department.

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"I chose to study the MA Public Health because I believed that I would gain the necessary skills that would enable me to achieve my long term career plan to progress from working in acute healthcare to working in the community.

"I appreciated the in-depth teaching of the socio-economic and political influences and interactions on the health of societies and I enjoyed the scope of the entire course, which embraces both local and global perspectives of health. I appreciate the support given to international students, especially with the language and writing skills programme. This support is second to none! I have had tremendous support from all my tutors in the MA Public Health programme and even from other tutors in other programmes within the department of Social Sciences.

"Just before I graduated, I had the opportunity to start a three month internship programme in the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. I worked within the Patient Safety Department where I was attached to the sub-unit of African Partnership for Patient Safety (APPS) and I learnt about partnership working in healthcare systems as a key approach to minimising medical errors in patient care globally.

"As an intern, my responsibilities were to collate data and contribute to the process of developing resources. I sourced partnerships, conducted telephone meetings among partners internationally and I wrote a synthesis document detailing the partnership work of a hospital in Africa and its partner hospital in Europe. Through this work experience, I learned about the challenges and the immense implications of health policy development, implementation and evaluation in two different healthcare delivery settings, i.e., within a developed economy and in poor resource environment. Based on this work experience I have developed an interest into researching improving health systems through the effectiveness of healthcare policies in a resource poor country in Africa with the hope to provide simple and affordable ways of developing effective health care policies.

"To achieve my long term goal, I have been working within the community care packages where clients are looked after within their own homes and I work to support district nursing teams in reaching out to patients who need routine or intermittent care in the community. I have also been writing on public health issues for publication and I have presented papers at various conferences. Currently I have a co-published article with my programme leader, Dr Linda Gibson and I have two papers waiting for acceptance and approval for publication.

"I received an Erasmus fund from the University during my internship programme with the WHO, and I have been supported by my tutors each time I prepared a paper either for publication or for conference presentations.

"I am especially grateful to my tutors who have incorporated into their work a follow up care for their past students. They have kept in touch by emails and sending job alerts, notices for further education, invitations to relevant conferences and seminars. I am grateful for the opportunity to experience such level of support from NTU as a whole.

"It is important that all new graduates and other alumni keep their contact active with the school and especially their tutors because they are always ahead with developments in their fields, as such, they can provide useful information that might be a stepping stone towards greater things."

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