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Penny Rolfe


United Kingdom
NTU has been truly life changing for me. I’ve formed lifelong relationships, gained new experiences, stepped outside of my comfort zone and really developed as an individual.

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"I decided on the health and social care course at NTU because I knew that I wanted to help vulnerable people and make a difference, I just didn’t know what kind of roles or areas would interest me. This course stands out because the possibilities career wise are endless, and the diverse range of topics explore across the modules really help to form solid knowledge, academic skills and future career prospects. I had heard really positive experiences of Trent from people that I knew who studied there, so upon attending the open day and exploring Nottingham I knew very quickly that it was the place for me."

"The course has enabled me to explore different career options that I would never have considered before. Not only have the modules helped equipped me with transferrable employment skills such as project management, public speaking and teamwork, but course events such as the placement and guest speakers have helped prepare me for my future career."

"NTU has been truly life changing for me. I’ve formed lifelong relationships, gained new experiences, stepped outside of my comfort zone and really developed as an individual. There is not one thing I would regret about my time at NTU, even through COVID 19 being a trent student is something I am so proud of and my participation in roles such as the CERT mentor demonstrates my commitment and respect towards the University."

"Personally, I would say the staff are one of the best elements of my course. From the very start I felt supported and respected by all. They go above and beyond to help you both academically and pastorally. The library staff are also extremely helpful and provide consistent support through the really excellent study skills tutorials."

"Remote teaching has not concerned me at all. The university has done all they can to make the transition as stress free and natural as possible, especially with the difficulties of being in final year."

"I have no problem accessing support and academic guidance through coronavirus. The NTU wellbeing team especially have been great helping me with personal difficulties during the pandemic, the counselling support is also an excellent service that I would highly recommend to anyone in need of it. I feel as supported by my staff as I did prior to COVID, they keep in regular contact and I know if I have any issues, they will do all they can to assist me. I have been able to participate in virtual future hub grad fair sessions, and the 1 to 1 library skills support."

"I undertook my placement at NTU. I think its excellent that trent provide an in-house internship, as this experience really progressed me in many areas of my university experience. I was able to gain new skills by taking myself outside of my comfort zone and exploring teaching as a career opportunity. This internship also helped me to build a supportive relationship with my tutors due to the mentoring element, I feel like this really enabled me to feel more comfortable as a student and be able to know that staff believed in me and wanted to help me succeed."

"I would highly recommend this course. If you have a specific career in mind in relation to Health and Social Care then that is great, but even if you don’t definitely continue to pursue the course as across the 3 years your studies and experiences will allow you to develop and identify areas of interest!"

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