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The course is fantastic. It is very varied and you are able to tailor it. You also couldn’t wish for better lecturers.

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"For me personally, I took the course in order to learn about the world. I couldn't make sense of it, why some people have so much and others so little. I thought that by undertaking this course it would enable me to get a grip on the world and hopefully lead to an interesting career.

"The course is fantastic. It is very varied and you are able to tailor it, within reason, to your individual areas of interest. Also, you could not wish for better lecturers. They have a vast array of knowledge between them and they all specialise in specific areas. The lecturers couldn't be more helpful if they tried. They treat each student as an individual and take into account each individual’s needs and requirements. They are very open, accessible and personable and will go above and beyond the call of duty to help you – if you are willing to put the effort in with your studies.

"I went on the Nottingham Trent University student exchange in February 2008 for six months to Melbourne, Australia. While I was there I was watching the news one day and they had a feature on Muhammad Yunus (founder of the Grameen Bank). I didn't know anything about him at the time but his ideas immediately caught my attention. They just made so much sense to me and it had been proven that after implementation, they had reduced the levels of poverty in Bangladesh which, according to the UN, has the highest levels of poverty of any country in the world.

"I accessed the Grameen Bank's website for some more information. I saw that they offered a number of work experience opportunities and internships for students and applied immediately. After about three months I received an email offering me an internship over the summer in Bangladesh and that I would be able to work with the man himself, Muhammad Yunus. I was thrilled.

"What am I looking forward to achieving? I just want to see the positive impacts for myself, with my own eyes, not on a piece of paper. I want to know that it truly does work, that an individual can make a huge impact and dramatically improve the quality of people’s lives with, in essence, such a simple idea.

“I want to see what I have always believed, that people don't want aid, they don't need aid to sustain their everyday lives. All they need are equal opportunities, access to a bank and a tiny amount of credit which most people take for granted, then they will run with it."

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