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I have most definitely grown as a person and become more independent and adaptable. I have learnt a great deal about myself.

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"The key thing that attracted me to the study abroad option was the opportunity to travel around Europe, so I could expand my knowledge of different cultures and traditions. I would have the chance to meet individuals from all over the world - building friendships with people that had different lifestyles and gain an insight into a variety of modules on my Psychology course.

"The most challenging part of studying abroad was the studying. The assessment style and modules were extremely interesting but equally demanding. Balancing this with my longing to travel and experience new things has been challenging. Moving my life abroad has also been challenging, with adapting to new environments, people and cultures but it has put me in a good position to adapt to life after university.

"I simply could not pin-point my favourite experience whilst studying abroad; it has been extraordinary. I think the fact that I have made lifelong friends alongside being able to travel has to be the most enjoyable aspect. I have also thoroughly enjoyed studying. Being in Groningen has sparked my interest for psychology more than ever, with inspiring lectures and fascinating modules, it has truly been the experience of a lifetime.

"I have most definitely grown as a person and become more independent and adaptable. I have learnt a great deal about myself. In terms of academics, Groningen has facilitated my interest in psychology to a great extent. I feel that studying abroad in one of the world’s top universities has put me in a great position for my final year at Nottingham Trent. Being surrounded by motivated, intelligent and inspiring students has really encouraged me to push myself academically.

"My advice to students considering applying for the year abroad opportunity would be - go for it! I cannot even express how brilliant this year has been. If I could relive this experience I would 100% jump at the opportunity. I am really going to miss The Netherlands and The University of Groningen, but mainly the friends I have made. My advice would we be to study hard and take the opportunity."

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