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I can really notice how much my confidence has increased since completing the MSc.

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"Since graduating, I have been able to begin working towards chartership as a Forensic Psychologist (stage two) – an MSc was required as stage one. I was fortunate enough to already be in the role as a Trainee Forensic Psychologist, but needed an MSc in Forensic Psychology in order to progress any further. I previously completed a BSc in Psychology and Social Sciences at NTU, which is accredited by the BPS. This enabled me to get my job as a Psychological Assistant and then as a Trainee Forensic Psychologist.

"My studies have enabled me to take and progress on my career path towards becoming a chartered forensic psychologist as they have helped to get me ready for chartership (stage two) by introducing me to skills and knowledge that I would need, such as research methods, formulation, understanding or risk assessments and profession practice.

"The biggest challenge I've faced since graduating has been effectively 'stepping up' to the role of a stage two trainee. As a trainee, as well as experience and practice I need to keep my thinking and decision making grounded in research and theory to ensure that my actions are defensible. The MSc has given me this academic basis. I regularly see how important this is in my role, particularly when writing practice diaries which is part of the diploma chartership process.

"My current role involves writing risk assessments for male offenders, determining treatment pathways, assessing suitability for treatment, delivering offending behaviour programmes to prisoners and working towards demonstrating the competencies required to become a chartered forensic psychologist.

"It's difficult to say what I found the most enjoyable from the MSc, probably looking back my research project, because I am very proud of it. Reflecting on the progress that I have made and how far I have come, I can also really notice how much my confidence has increased since completing the MSc.

"My advice to new graduates or other alumni would be just to work really hard and put everything into it because your overall grade is really important when applying for jobs. A lot of employers will be looking for a high grade, particularly if you only have limited experience. If you don't understand things than don't be afraid to ask!"

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