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The exchange was possibly the best thing that I have ever done. I have made some incredible friends.

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Where did you complete your study abroad year?
"I studied at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands."

What were the key things that attracted you to the study abroad option?
"I was drawn to the opportunity to meet new people and gain valuable life experience. I had lived abroad with my family before and had loved it and so I believed that being able to live abroad independently would give me the opportunity to grow."

What was the most challenging aspect of studying abroad?
"I suppose the most challenging aspect wasn't to do with the exchange itself, but was more to do with seeing my friends in Nottingham graduate and move on while I wasn't there."

What did you enjoy most about your year abroad?
"This is very hard to answer, however, I have to say the people. I made friends from more countries than I can count, who were all completely different from myself and from each other. Everyone on exchange was there because they had the same urge to challenge themselves and everyone was open minded which made it very easy to make friends. I still Skype many of them on a regular basis, even if time differences mean some late night calls."

Do you feel that you have grown personally as well as academically on your year abroad?
"I would like to think so. Seeing the diversity in people and cultures has broadened my world view considerably. I believe it has also done a lot towards helping me embrace change and new challenges."

How will your experiences on your year abroad influence your final year back at NTU?
"I studied a lot of fascinating modules in Groningen that I otherwise would not have had access to that have greatly influenced my work this year. The further reading you do on your year abroad also can come in very handy for your Professional Practice module."

Do you feel that your year abroad has helped you prepare for life after University?
"Definitely. The modules I studied abroad presented me with new career paths that I hadn't previously thought of. I also believe that based on my experience during my exchange I would like to work overseas in the future, which I hadn't considered seriously before."

What advice would you give to students who are considering applying for the year abroad opportunity?
"Just do it. That's all. The exchange was possibly the best thing that I have ever done. I have made some incredible friends and not one of them has said anything negative about the whole experience. We would all do it again in a heartbeat. I lived in a city that felt more like my home than the UK at times and travelled to places that I had never even thought of visiting. It may seem daunting at first, but once you arrive you realise everyone is in the same boat."

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