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The knowledge I gained in regards to psychological research methods are transferable to the work I currently complete.

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"I currently work within the National Accounts at the Office for National Statistics. My team develops and implements changes for the Public Sector and Households resulting from the European System of Accounts 2010. My previous work has included preparing and presenting the proposed methodological changes to the methods committee, researching accounts and data sources and creating Sequence of Accounts and Supply Use Tables.

"Before graduating I received help from the careers service in preparing my CV, using the 'SMART' technique to answer questions and attending networking events. When I got through to the assessment centre for my job at ONS I sought advice from my tutor and supervisor for the psychology and research specific sections of the interview.

"I completed my undergraduate degree (BSc Psychology with Sociology) at NTU and knew the school had a great reputation and amazing staff so I wanted to continue my studies there. I enjoyed completing my research project during my undergraduate degree which is why I chose to study Psychological Research Methods at masters level. In particular I enjoyed the modules of Advance Experimentation and Statistics 1 and 2, and Structural Equation Modelling.

"What attracted me to the course was the opportunity to undertake my own research while attending taught modules. I knew I wanted to work in Psychology but was unsure in which field; Psychological Research Methods offered this variety and range.

"As my course covered at least 20% statistics modules I was able to apply for my current job at the ONS. It is encouraged to move roles in the future and I hope to move into surveys and methodology in order to utilise other modules from my master's such as Psychometrics and Structural Equation Modelling.

"The knowledge I gained in regards to psychological research methods are transferable to the work I currently complete. I feel confident writing and presenting methods papers which are similar to the research projects at university. I was prepared for the level of work expected from me having previously completed a master's.

"My plan for the future is to continue working at the ONS possibly moving into social research and methodology but I am currently enjoying the challenge of being in National Accounts."

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