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This is a brilliant course that offers so much support that it will become your home and family and believe me, you will not want to leave such a community.

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"I decided to attend Nottingham Trent University due to the diversity of the City compared to my home town and I wanted to build my independence by moving away from home. The University, as well as the course, helps to ease you into studying and your new home with Welcome Week. It is a perfect opportunity to meet the people on your course, the teaching staff and get to know more about what the University can offer you. I chose the course as it offered me a range of different modules that I found interesting and offered me opportunities to build and develop my skills.

"The support within the School is fantastic, not only are the lecturers on hand to offer support, they are understanding and provide informative and helpful feedback. Staff are easy to grab when you need that two-minute question answered or if you just want to talk about what is going on in your life.

"There are so many different places to see and visit in Nottingham from the Castle to the National Justice Museum. If you enjoy sightseeing and exploring, The Caves Under The City is a great place to visit. There is also a wide range of nightlife events that regularly happen, such as Ocean Wednesday, which gives you the opportunity to wear fancy dress. What also drew me to Nottingham is that it has won the Purple Flag Award and maintain their status since 2010 outlining how safe the city is for students.

"The Health and Social Care course offers a range of diverse modules that you can choose. This ability to choose modules in your second and final years of study was a big yes from me. It provided me with the opportunity to design my learning and choose modules in a way where my autonomy and agency was respected. I enjoyed 'Managing in Health and Social Care' as it enabled me to perform and produce my best work and taught me the skills that I have implemented with my support practice in my workplace. The range of teaching and assignments that take place on this module made for a development of my skills, especially when we had to perform a Pecha Kucha.

"There is not much too dislike about this course, but I will say time management and organisation is key. There may be some aspect of the course that do not appeal to you and that is fine, not everyone will like the same thing, and that is why I believe it is so good that NTU offers us the chance to select what we would like to study.

"I have taken part in ACE Week and Success for All Week since I started University. I went on a variety of different trips such as going to the National Arboretum, the local Magistrates Court. I've also dissected sheep brains!, attended a networking event with health and social care related employers and have had the chance to build on my writing skills.

"Succeed with Social Sciences is a great opportunity for you to learn more about the field in which you may wish to enter once you've graduated. It gives you the knowledge into the potential, not all but some of the jobs that you may find interesting once you've graduated and what you may have to do to get there such as further study or certain experience.

"I have had the opportunity to be part of the School Student Executive Team for the past two years. I get to chair meetings to fellow course representatives and academic staff from the School where we discuss any upcoming events or points. You also get the opportunity to participate and work alongside different staff on various projects.

"The School of Social Sciences has provided me with the opportunity to receive support, advice and guidance with not only with my work but also with my personal life. The lecturers are on hand in person and over emails whenever you need any questions answering, they also offer one-to-one and Skype meetings for any guidance on you written work. Student Support Services are also available for appointments for advice you may need.

"The course has helped to push me to where I want to be in my life and given me the skills, knowledge and experience to hopefully get there. In the future, I would like to be a manager of my own service and the modules I have chosen have enabled to learn the knowledge, while experiences I've undertaken with the help of the employability team have allowed me to me take on the responsibility of leadership in a variety of different settings.

"Coming to study at NTU will provide you with a range of experiences that will not only build your skills and give you the knowledge to succeed but will also develop your personal and professional practice. Don't be frightened in starting a new chapter in your life. This is a brilliant course that offers so much support that it will become your home and family and believe me, you will not want to leave such a community!"

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