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Your lecturers get you to constantly question what you are reading and the world around you.

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Thomas Onions
BA Politics

"I chose to study at Nottingham Trent University because of it's fantastic post-university employability rating and its reputation for generating high levels of student satisfaction.

"I developed a keen interest in Politics after the Caribbean Island in which I grew up endured a hurricane. This catastrophe fuelled my curiosity as I bore witness to the direct impact a government has in terms of alleviating the dire position that it's people are thrown into during such a crisis. I have since harboured a deep fascination in government developments across the world.

"While studying at NTU, I have had the opportunity to study abroad for a year at a university in France. This has allowed me to vastly improve my language skills and it's been great to immerse myself in the university life of another country. I think this will definitely help in my future career in politics.

"One module that I've really enjoyed in my final year is The Politics of Everyday Life. What is particularly beneficial is the modules' ability to foster critical thought with regards to many facets of daily living, while also enabling the student to gain a more complete image of the world.

"I believe that my time at NTU has positively influenced my social skills making me a more well-rounded person. It has also given me the opportunity to immerse myself in the world of first class Higher Education, opening up possibilities and facilitating my belief to always strive for better. Coming from another country to study in the UK was a daunting experience. However, NTU presents first year students with such a warm reception that it's difficult not to feel welcome. The festivities of Welcome Week were phenomenal and the best part was that when the week was over, the feeling of NTU being 'my' university never disappeared.

"My plans for the future are to teach English in Latin America for a year with the hope of learning Spanish and to explore different countries and cultures. I would then like to work for a government organisation. I truly believe that with my degree from NTU and the varied international experience I have built up, I will be amply prepared for this.

"My advice for prospective students of NTU is to check out the Open Days, have a tour of the city and have a chat with current students and alumni. Doing all of these leaves no doubt in my mind that NTU will present itself as a truly fantastic university experience."


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