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The contact hours per week were ideal and perfectly spaced.

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"The master's course modules offered a great range of topics, from the grounded IR theories that shaped the IR discipline as a whole, to the modern roles of the UN and emerging forms of power that were shaping state relations. 

"I considered it important to have a balance between contact time and the reliance on you as a student to do your own work. The contact hours per week were ideal and perfectly spaced, giving enough time during the day to not only spend time in the library, but also get out and socialise. The responsibility to manage your time and do the work was more rewarding, because you felt like the lecturers weren't seeing you as students: they saw you as adults.

"NOW was invaluable in keeping on top of work and managing your time. The ability to access such a huge array of online articles and journals was vital to your course, helping you access hard-to-find documents that were either core or key to your module. Although it was nerve-racking signing on when results were due, being able to always see your timetable and coursework deadlines, and have course discussions about topics covered or assignments was always helpful.

"Learning how to be time efficient is a huge bonus when in the working world, especially when working in a quick-paced office environment. You have to manage time efficiently to ensure that not only do you assist with all queries, but prioritise them in order of importance that will still leave you time to complete other tasks. 

"Personally, I think my greatest achievement has been the NTU Archery club. Myself and a few friends set it up in our first year. We took it from something that didn't exist into a national and international competing club that attracts both experienced archers and beginners who just want to have some fun. Not many people can say they've started something like that, and I'm genuinely proud to have been involved in the club's growth and success."

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