Advice for parents and carers

Open days are a great opportunity for you and your son or daughter to get a feel for the University, and the city.

Plan your day

Make sure your son or daughter arrives with everything that they need.We’ll send out guides and event programmes, and they’re also available to download.

We recommend you prioritise the day around the main subject talk – these are a great opportunity to meet and hear from the Course Leader, the supporting academics, and current students on the course.

Make sure you know how you’re getting to the University and where you’re planning to park. Taking care of these practical elements will help reduce any stress.

Give support

Although it might feel like your role on the day is taxi driver and lunch-provider, accompanying your son or daughter on an open day can give them support and a second pair of eyes.

It’s important, however, to let them take the lead. Try and find that balance between being a supportive parent and a hovering one. It might be helpful to split up, and allow your son or daughter to explore the campus and city without you tagging along.

Make the most out of the day

Take a tour of the facilities, look around the library and lecture halls, and get a good visual idea of where your son or daughter could be learning. If they’re attending a number of open days, encourage them to take photos and notes from the day, in order to help them decide.

Encourage your son or daughter to talk to our lecturers, student ambassadors, and support representatives – as well as their subject, they’ll get good advice and guidance on student finance, accommodation, and our student support services.

Encourage your son or daughter to come and see for themselves what makes NTU one of the UK's most popular universities - follow the link to book a place and find out more about our undergraduate open days

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