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Conversion courses

Find out how to change direction and explore a new subject with a postgraduate degree.

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What is a conversion course?

Conversion courses

Postgraduate study could be your opportunity to change direction and explore a new subject, or gain the qualifications you need to pursue a professional career you might not have considered before.

Conversion courses are designed to prepare you for a career unrelated to your undergraduate degree, and are available in a range of subject areas, including law, management, marketing, property, IT, journalism, psychology and teaching.

Albert Tapp Scotting

Albert Tapp Scotting

"With an undergraduate degree in History, I felt a lack of direction with regards to job prospects. The GDL offered me the qualifying degree to undertake work in an exciting, complex and fast-paced industry. I knew The Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) at NTU would open the door and provide a strong academic basis to a career in law."

Find a conversion course

Many of our academic schools offer courses which don't require a specific undergraduate degree, which means you can change direction. See a list of courses below:

Teacher Training (School of Social Sciences)

Nottingham Law School

School of Science and Technology

What our students say

Read some of our student stories and find out more about students who decided to change direction using a postgraduate degree.

Antonio Cuyas

Antonia Cuyas

My reasons for studying MSc Digital Marketing were to be able to pursue a more creative career path. As I studied Business Management and Economics and then worked in a finance role, I came to the realisation that such numerical career was not the path for me.

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Hannah Owens

Hannah Owens

I completed four years in the police service before deciding that it was time for a change and to decide what my long term career plan would be. I had always had an interest in property and so began to research jobs in this field. I’ve been working for Rex Gooding Estate Agents and Surveyors for the past 4 years.From there I decided to pursue the possibility of becoming fully qualified within this field and becoming a chartered surveyor.

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Conversion courses

Published on 5 February 2021

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